Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I would like to express my thanks to the Pine Bluff Commercial for publishing the story “Band of Brothers” on Veterans Day. The story was about a group of six boys that graduated from Dollarway High School in 1967.

I would personally like to thank the following people:

Accent Editor; Nicole Brown, for putting our story together from all the information that she was given. Photographer; Chris Kola, who is married to one of the soldiers (but really the only sailor in the group) for the pictures.

Mr. Loy Aikman and St. Luke Methodist Church for the use of the building formally known as the Cardinal Snack Bar.

Artist and son-in-law, Jason Davis, for his unique artwork of the military Cardinals; Mrs. Sadie Varnell for her kindness shown forty-five years ago, to a group of boys that “bothered” her almost everyday at the Cardinal Snack Bar. Without her, the forty-five year reunion would not have been possible.

Even though the article was very good, there are two things that should be added. Tony Ply, one of the soldiers, received a Purple Heart during his time and service; and on November 24th, Mrs. Varnell will celebrate her 86th birthday — but don’t tell her we know!

I requested the story “Band of Brothers” to be published in the November 11th edition because of Veterans Day. I realize that this is only one of the many stories that could have been told. I am very proud of my husband and our friends that served our country during this time in history. But let us remember our fathers and in-laws that served in World War II, and our children and in-laws that served and are still serving our country today. Let us hope that our grandchildren will continue this proud tradition; but let us pray for them to strive to keep our country safe and free. And maybe someday — we can all live in peace!

Thank you so much,

Dana (Burrough) Barraclough

Another ‘67 Dollarway Cardinal