Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

What is happening at SEARK? Instructors have left and are leaving by the score. Key people are disappearing to find other employment. Last Sunday’s Commercial had advertisements for at least seven positions. Since then, at least three more instructors or support staff have resigned. Enrollment has been dropping like a stone for the last several years.

On good authority, it appears that no one has been actively recruiting students outside of Pine Bluff. None of the cities in the region have had a recruiter visit in recent years, including our closest neighbors — Rison, Stuttgart, Redfield, Warren, Sheridan or Woodlawn. Yet, no information comes from the school’s administration as to what their game plan is to rebuild the faculty, staff or enrollment, or even to continue to keep the school open. What is the position of the SEARK Board of Trustees? What is the intended future of this school?

In a poor community like Pine Bluff, a community college holds a very important place. It allows students who cannot afford four-year college or do not currently belong in four-year college to enhance their education and expand their horizons. I wonder how much the SEARK administration is concerned about that?

I strongly suggest the Commercial investigate and report back to its public.

Joan W. Clowers

Pine Bluff