Editor, Commercial

Editor, Commercial

To Dr. Ernestine Roberts and staff at Townsend Park Elementary School:

Education is the most powerful weapon that you could offer to your students. It stems from dedication, knowledge of your subjects, and determination. I read recently in the Commercial that the third grade students scored advanced or proficient on the recent Benchmark tests.

You are to be commended for the leadership that you have provided. You working as a team proved that if there is togetherness with cooperation you can conquer anything. I am happy to hear that you have Mr. Frank Anthony as your administrator. He has good views that will turn the Dollarway district around to be of justice to all of the Dollarway schools in meeting the standards.

Just remember that each of you count in the growth of the child. You all must be a part of teaching students how to walk so they can run. Or how to see, where they will always be looking. Teaching them how to hear, where they will listen. Or to teach them to sing and then they will rejoice. For their instructions will be imprinted in their minds to do well, not just to fly but to soar.

As Mr. Frank Anthony said: “Roll up your sleeves, find your directions, work harder together but also smart.”

Together, you will surely make a difference in the lives of students of Dollarway whom I will always cherish.

Margaret S. Gatson

Pine Bluff