Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Edgewood Elementary School recently had its fall book fair. The school and librarian would like to thank all the volunteers and staff who worked so hard to set up, work and pack up the book fair. Thank you to all the people in our community for making our book fair a success.

A special thank you to Amanda Weaver as co-chairperson, Tesha Canoles as cashier, Sarah Phillips for staying to help distribute the children’s books, and Mrs. Rhonda Smith for helping with “All for Books.” “All for Books” is a program to get books into the hands of children. We especially want to thank the businesses who helped Mrs. Rhonda Smith by allowing jars to be placed in their stores. The money donated by our community placed 107 books into the hands of 107 children at Edgewood Elementary.

The school and community working together will continue to help our literacy grow.

Jennifer Barbaree, principal

Bridget White, librarian