Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

This is an open letter to the person who dumped the little white kitten with black markings in the Rosswood subdivision. I know you thought you were letting her off in farmer Brown’s backyard but, alas, Rosswood, is in the city limits, and my neighbors are mostly retired and, for the most part, finished raising children and pets.

In other words, if we wanted a pet, we would get one. We have no farmers out here — and no cows, and no barns in need of mousers.

Shame on you! This is a little defenseless animal — her sides were sunken in and she was very hungry when my neighbor and I first noticed her roaming between our yards. She had a collar on and, at first, we thought she lived in the neighborhood. But it was apparent that she did not. I imagine the story goes something like this. You bought a kitten for you child and soon found out how expensive she was and that you had to be responsible for her. So you just dropped her off like a sack of garbage.

Long story short…your pet is being taken care of. I plan to pay to have her sprayed and brought up to date on her shots. That will cost $175. Then, I will look for a permanent home for her.

And, as a postscript, this is the season when dog and cats turn to thoughts of sex. If you have a dog or cat that has not been spayed or neutered, get him/her to the vet. If you can’t be responsible dog or cat owner don’t get one in the first place — get a goldfish.

Jeanette McGrew

Pine Bluff