Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

This letter is to encourage all patrons of the Pine Bluff School District to know what school zone you live in and who represents you on the school board. I encourage you to start attending school board meetings (including myself) and getting involved. If you canít attend meetings, go online to the district website and read the minutes of the meeting.

It is important that we know what our representatives are voting on and how they are voting and how these decisions impact our children and their education. Please, please, please pay attention to issues and votes and budget items. If you have questions and or concerns, contact your school board representatives. Remember, they are elected officials who are elected by us.

The Arkansas School Boards Association publishes a brochure and their signature statement reads as follows: ďItís about leadership and the future. School boards provide the critical link between schools, parents, and the community.Ē Itís up to us to evaluate the job that the Pine Bluff School Board is doing and if we think they are performing at a standard that is acceptable and moving the district forward.

If so, greatÖ If not, we have an option. We can make our voice heard at the ballot box on Tuesday, September 18, 2012. I want to be a positive influence on education, what about you?

Kymara H. Seals

Pine Bluff