Dear Commercial,

Dear Commercial,

I was tickled to see that Arkansas ended the 2011-2012 fiscal year with a $145.6 million surplus.

Perhaps some of this surplus will be returned to state income taxpayers who were “offset” in error.

For weeks, I have been in correspondence with a DFA Income Tax Section manager and have not been able to resolve incorrect “offset” issues. I finally requested a complete Arkansas state income tax history report since 1984, when I began filing Arkansas state taxes. I have yet to receive a response about the report. If the Social Security Administration can send out a yearly report, I don’t see why the DFA State Income Tax Section can’t.

My advice to taxpayers who think that they may have been “offset in error” is to request a complete Arkansas state income tax history report, then pray that it doesn’t take an FOI Act request to receive it.

Yvette Hammond

White Hall