Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In Jason Tolbert’s recent column, he asserts that John Wolfe was voted for by slightly over 67,000 Democrats due to one appealing quality; that being that his name was not Barack Obama.

For decades, Arkansas has been a Democrat-dominant state. Then a black man ran for president and won. Then suddenly scads of otherwise upstanding citizens that were Democrats became Republicans. They never had before and would not have considered doing that. Facts are facts. Whites of both parties have long had a history of racism in Arkansas and in most of the Deep South.

I have written before that when white Democrats decided to run for President they’d again vote Democratic. They did exactly that for John Wolfe.

I choose to be outspoken and truthful. The word in the coffee shops and other gathering places has long been that Obama is a stealth Islamist, foreign born, socialist, apologist for America. There never was any evidence for that. If you lie about someone, are you not a liar and low life?

Seems that racism, bigotry, classism, and hatred/envy of a well educated black person is suddenly “family values” and appears to be approved by lot of folks who’d tell you they’re Christians. Show me in the Bible where Jesus approved of such attitudes?

Karl Hansen