Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

We need a politician who is running for the life of this city and not the life of oneís own career. For the last 40 years the people of Pine Bluff have been bewitched, bedazzled, bamboozled and deceived by these good-talking politicians and to this day we havenít gotten anything in return.

The same narrow, pot holed and rough, raggedy streets with no sidewalks and overgrown, smelly, dirty ditches without concrete helpers have plagued our community ever since I was a little bitty boy.

The city is crumbling before our own eyes, yet public concerns are focused on things that are trivial, insignificant and of no earthly value.

The mayorís wife being hysterical over her sonís injuries or where the mayor got his truck fixed are good politics, but they have nothing to do with the needs of this community.

Arnice Rogers

Pine Bluff