Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

To the fellow inventor who has the design to cut fuel costs to the farmer to pump water to his fields, I wish you luck my friend. I came up with a design years ago that a farmer could use to take the waste from his crop to fuel a machine to pump water that would almost cut the cost of fuel to nothing after the initial purchase of the pumping unit.

I have been months trying to get a local fabricator to go in with me to build and sell the units, but I have been constantly stonewalled by him saying that he has had to spend too much time to figure up bids to get jobs.

I am disabled and not able to afford the initial cost of production or I would have had the unit available. I even contacted a couple farmers who spend thousands of dollars a year on fuel cost, but they have blown me off for the last few years and are not interested in my project. To prove the validity of my system, I can furnish you with a design that is put out by the federal government that gives you the design, an inefficient model compared to mine.

Sam Braswell

Pine Bluff