Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

It is time for a change in our city. We must start with the mayor and the city government.

We need a person that will take charge and will work to attract new jobs, keep our existing jobs, and help keep our people here Pine Bluff.

We need someone that will be there for us when we need the support of our city government.

We need a leader that will work with our elected city officials, not a dictator who wants the entire city under his control.

We had a Civil Service Commission at one time to make honest decisions on hiring and firing of our police and firefighters. Now these decisions are made by the mayor, and many of our jobs are going to out-of-state individuals that have no idea how to run Pine Bluff.

We need someone that will work for the people of Pine Bluff and all of Jefferson County. This person is Debe Hollingsworth. She is running for mayor, and she has a great plan in place for Pine Bluff. If you have not met her, drop by her campaign headquarters in Regency Square on 28th Street and introduce yourself as a concerned citizen.

It is time for a change. We need to vote for Debe Hollingsworth in November for mayor of Pine Bluff.

Bobby Henderson and Dean Derryberry

Pine Bluff