Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

There seems to be a lot of nonsense going on with the city of Pine Bluff. Instead of the aldermen/alderwomen representing the progress of the cityís various awards, they appear to have gotten caught up in a lot of gossiping, lying, and slandering. Itís a shame that this kind of trash goes on in city government. This is awful, just awful.

Of course Bill Brumett would support anything negative thatís said about Chief Brenda Davis-Jones. Iíve heard so many untrue things about her myself. If I wasnít familiar with the propaganda b.s. that employees start, then guess what, I couldnít recognize the b.s.

Chief Davis-Jones is not supposed to respond to rumors that are said to cause pain and stress. She has a job to do and that is running the Pine Bluff Police Department. She was hired by the mayor based on her credentials, but like any other job, she has people who are complaining because she is going by policy and procedure.

Some think that she shouldnít go by policy and procedure, that favoritism should be shown. Accusations are just that, accusations. This whole business seems to have personal overtones with underlying motives to try and make her quit her job. If one doesnít want to follow the manual that entails the dos and doníts, then what do you think the right outcome is suppose to be?

This chief makes her decision according to policy and procedure, and now sheís being portrayed as wrong because she didnít show favoritism. She wasnít hired for confidence; she was hired do a job.

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff