Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I wrote a letter to Edgewood Elementary School in Watson Chapel thanking them for such a wonderful school year for my granddaughter and the other children that attend that school. My main focus was that the staff and personnel work so well together as a team.

We, in Pine Bluff, have been wondering how we could change our city around and make it a positive place to live once again. As I was writing, I thought of how our city could change just from seeing what this small school has done by working as a team.

From our mayor on down, we are in trouble! When our police chief said “no one messes with my boys or my man,” I couldn’t believe it. If anyone ought to set an example, it should be the police chief and “her boys and her man.” And our mayor, not only supports Ms. Davis, I assume that his family doesn’t obey the laws either. Maybe Ms. Redus didn’t have a paper stating that she needed to take a drug test after her accident. But when she was asked if she had taken one she said, “Yes.”

Even if you were upset about your son being injured, you “thought” you had taken a drug test? I think she should be fired, if for no other reason than she lied.

At first I thought he might have some people that really didn’t want him in office and they were possibly trying to make him look bad. But Mayor Redus has done a wonderful job of doing that by himself.

Mayor Redus, sir, it’s time to go! Maybe the rest of us can work together and be a team! And I do pray that you take Police Chief Davis-Jones with you.

Carolyn Tucker

Pine Bluff