Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

The idea of national health care involves the concept that perception will always be greater than reality. We are now having trouble paying for our present system of health care, and our government is selling the concept that we can pay for one with unlimited dollar care, excluding no one and infusing 16 million more people into the system without adding any new doctors. Logic dictates that everything has a price tag and the price tag of this endeavor is being treated unrealistically.

Our neighbors to the north have had national health care for many years. It is wonderful for young healthy people who do not need a doctor and horrible for older Canadians with health problems. Each year Canadians cross the border by the thousands to purchase hospitalization insurance in America.

Why? It is because of the unavailability to a number of qualified physicians at a time when life threatening illness is great. Not only patients, but Canadian doctors as well cross the border to be compensated for being a physician.

I have visited at length with a Canadian who worked in the Canadian health care field. He was candid, pointing out his government limitation on physician’s office visit fees. This dictates Canadian doctors have to see a minimum of six to seven patients an hour just to break even with expenses. Seriously ill Canadians can wait six months or more to see a specialist after being diagnosed with a life threatening disease!

Rather than the conversion of capitalism into socialism, wouldn’t it make more sense to liberalize the ability of Americans participating in group insurance products guaranteeing insurability, expanding coverage to children and lowering the cost of participation? This avoids intrusion of government granting more control over our lives.

Bob Smithey

Pine Bluff