Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

As my family and I prepare for our departure, I wanted to thank the local community for all your support to the Arsenal during my tenure as the Pine Bluff Arsenal commander. Growing up in a rural area of upper South Carolina, this area struck a chord with me from my youth. I am proud to brag that I am the first commander to complete a three-year tour at the Arsenal.

All the success of the Arsenal goes directly to the great workforce serving the U.S. Army. Both our Army civilian and contract employees have met the demands of our nation’s war-fighters defending our country in ongoing contingency operations. The Arsenal has met all production demands for much-needed munitions and chemical equipment.

At the same time, the Washington Group completed the destruction of our chemical stockpile well ahead of schedule and without incident. We have known that we will work ourselves out of jobs with the completion of the demil mission. But our community is much safer with the removal of the aging chemical materiel.

Our local community leaders have always supported the Arsenal’s initiatives of bringing new workload here. We have worked closely to support initiatives to expand economic growth within the region. I know this cooperation will continue regardless of who is in command at the Arsenal.

Mary and I have lived throughout the nation and Europe, and have special memories of each location. Arkansas is no different; in fact, we have greater memories of our friends we made here. We have always felt as part of the “family” here. Our thoughts will always be with this Community as we head back to Aberdeen, Maryland for our last military move. We will always think of Pine Bluff as our home.

Thank you again.

Col. Franz Amann

Pine Bluff Arsenal