Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

It is just unbelievable when the Pine Bluff School District preaches to the teachers, principals and even the superintendent about accountability, and they do the opposite. My child broke his knee in P.E. class at Southeast Middle School playing basketball. The gym floor is warped, and I was told by the principal that it had been for some time. I was told by the principal that she sent two work orders in for the floor to be fixed (I have a copy of them), but that every time she sent it in, the district maintenance puts it off. Well, after my son broke his knee, a day later it was fixed.

When the incident happened, I was told by the district that the district would take care of everything. All I had to do was bring all my receipts and doctor bills, and they would reimburse me. I did just that, and to my surprise I was told in a letter from the superintendent that the districtís lawyer, who has resigned, said that the district is not responsible for that type of accident.

Yes, you are liable for that one because if you had fixed the gym floor, my sonís knee would not have been broken, I would not have had to take off of work and my son would not have had to be in so much pain and miss school. Pine Bluff School District, you canít throw the rock and hide your hand. You must be accountable for your actions.

I was instructed by the Arkansas Department of Education to hire a lawyer. You need to step up and set an example of accountability, because when you make a mistake, you need to make it right or be out of more money.

Katrina Tate

Pine Bluff