Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

So disgusted! I thought some of these candidates running for mayor couldnít embarrass the privileged voters of our beloved city of Pine Bluff any farther. Wrong as two left shoes!

How could Peter Daniels, Jack Foster and Jessie Turner decide to focus attention on Mayor Carl A. Redus Jr.ís wife? The first lady of Pine Bluff is upset because her son, her baby, was hurt in the accident and had to receive 30 stitches. Trudyís emotional state over her son is very stressful. Then we look and thereís the gang of shame in the spotlight for their own selfish fulfillment of Peter Daniels winning an election because this lady injured her son in an accident. How cold-hearted can you be?

Have they ever thought that the lady was confused and couldnít think straight because her son had been injured severely? When something happenís to a motherís child, that mother becomes very upset; sheís traumatized to the point of mental anguish and canít think straight because all she has on her mind is the wellbeing of her child. What if it had been their child?

But this is supposed to be someone who wants to represent the constituents of Pine Bluff as mayor. Well their actions or true colors showed up. Letís not be bamboozled for our vote! Itís understood that the other persuasion is backing him financially, so I was told. I really donít know; the community is just saying and trying to keep me abreast. This protest appears to consist of hate, because sheís the mayorís wife. A nation can rise no higher than its women. These men are disrespecting themselves; they disrespect the Black Woman.

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff