Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

In your June 14 edition, you published a guest column by Col. Frank Amann regarding the U.S. Armyís 237th birthday.

While I applaud the recognition of the U.S. Army and its vital role in Americaís defense throughout its history, the writer made a glaring omission: no recognition of the patriots involved in the Vietnam War.

Col. Amann went all the way through our history, from the Revolutionary War to its current engagements, but no mention of Vietnam, where we lost 58,000 brave Americans. Again, the Vietnam veteran is left feeling as if what he did doesnít count!

My late husband, Donald E. Grigg, was a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He fought honorably for his country, losing a leg and suffering other physical, as well as emotional wounds that remained with him until his death in 2010. It is a slap in the face that the writer, in what would otherwise be an excellent article, discounts the service of those who served in Vietnam.

I would hope that this was just an oversight and not intentional. I certainly hope that it does not indicate that Col Amann fails to recognize or give any validity to those in the Army (and other branches of the military) who served in Vietnam. They deserve our appreciation and respect to the same extent as veterans of all our nationís conflicts.

Lisa A. Grigg

Pine Bluff