Quarter Highlights

Quarter Highlights

First Quarter


Arkansas 0

LSU Arkansas

Rushing Yards 41 24

Passing Yards 4 80

Total Yards 45 104

Time/Poss. 7:06 7:54

Turnovers 0 2


Dennis Johnson: Much like he did two weeks ago at South Carolina, Johnson lost a fumble near the goal line to kill a promising opening drive for Arkansas. The Razorbacks went 62 yards in eight plays before LSU recovered at the 2.

Tharold Simon: After limping to the sideline on the Tigersí first defensive possession, Simon intercepted an under thrown ball by Tyler Wilson on the first play of the second drive and returned it 21 yards to the Arkansas 40.

Drew Alleman: With a stiff north wind at his back, Aleman booted a 49-yard field goal following the Simon interception to give LSU a 3-0 lead.

Second Quarter

LSU 3 7

Arkansas 0 0

LSU Arkansas

Rushing Yards 30 26

Passing Yards 90 35

Total Yards 120 61

Time/Poss. 7:52 7:08

Turnovers 0 0


Zach Hocker: Arkansasí kicker missed a pair of field goals in the second quarter, including a 43-harder with 2 seconds left before halftime. The Razorbacks could have moved closer for the attempt, but had to spend their final timeout one play before to avoid a delay of game penalty.

Bennie Logan: LSUís defensive tackle got a hand on Hockerís first field goal attempt - a 40-yarder - go preserve the Tigersí 3-0 lead.

Jarvis Landry: On third down, Landry hauled in a spectacular 22-yard touchdown catch in the back of the end zone to extend LSUís lead to 10-0. Arkansas aided the Tigers earlier in the possession when its sideline was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during a timeout before a third-and-4 play.

Third Quarter

LSU 3 7 7

Arkansas 0 0 10

LSU Arkansas

Rushing Yards 17 44

Passing Yards 47 106

Total Yards 64 150

Time/Poss. 8:09 6:51

Turnovers 0 0


John Henson: Arkansas coach John L. Smith turned to the sophomore walk-on after Hockerís misses in the first half. Hensonís 25-yard field goal pulled the Razorbacks within 10-3.

Michael Ford: Following Hensonís field goal, Ford returned a Hocker kickoff 87 yards to the Arkansas 14. It set up a Jeremy Hill 1-yard touchdown run three plays later to extend the LSU lead to 17-3.

Mekale McKay: The freshman receiver has shown promise in the final few weeks of the season, including a 28-yard touchdown catch on a fade route from Wilson with 5:52 in the third quarter to pull Arkansas to within 17-10.

Fourth Quarter

LSU 3 7 7 3 - 20

Arkansas 0 0 10 3 - 13

LSU Arkansas

Rushing Yards 1 9

Passing Yards 76 138

Total Yards 77 145

Time/Poss. 7:05 7:55

Turnovers 0 0


Fourth-and-Goal: Trailing 17-10 and facing fourth down from the LSU 1, Arkansas opted for a 17-yard field goal by Henson instead of trying for a game-tying touchdown. The Razorbacks had missed touchdown opportunities from the same spot on second and third downs.

Odell Beckham Jr.: After his punt return touchdown tied the Tigersí game last week, Beckhamís 47-yard reception on third-and-10 in the final three minutes set up LSU with a 27-yard field goal by Alleman.

Tyler Wilson: In his Arkansas finale, Wilson passed for 138 yards in the fourth quarter, including 60 yards on the gameís final drive, but he overthrew McKay in the end zone on the gameís final play.

By the numbers

1 ó Net rushing yards by LSU in the fourth quarter. Also, the difference in kickoff return yards: 90 for LSU, 89 for Arkansas.

31 ó Turnovers for Arkansas this season and the number of takeaways by LSU.

165 ó Yards gained by each team in the first half, LSU on 34 plays and Arkansas on 33 plays.

12 ó The longest run from scrimmage by an Arkansas player and the unexpected fact that it was the work of quarterback Tyler Wilson.

6 ó The number of Arkansas receivers who had catches of 21 yards or more.

2 ó The number of Arkansas field goals made by sophomore John Henson and the number missed by junior Zach Hocker.