LITTLE ROCK — Win or lose, too much will be read into results of the 35 bowl games that begin today and continue for more than three weeks.

LITTLE ROCK — Win or lose, too much will be read into results of the 35 bowl games that begin today and continue for more than three weeks.

Already, we’ve heard the worn out line about how winning the bowl game is invaluable because it means players will feel good about themselves and build on all that positive energy.

Along that line, note that Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Southern Miss, Oregon, Georgia, and Ohio have a contradiction in common.

Each of those schools lost its bowl game following the 2010 season. Not only did they lose, they lost by 42, 28, 27, and other double-digit margins.

Each of those “losers” either won a division championship or a conference championship this year. You can say the bowl losses motivated them, but not if you are also going to claim that a bowl victory was the springboard to a successful season for other teams. Only coaches can have it both ways.

As usual, the overload of bowl games matches teams with minimum-win records. In bowl games at Nashville, Houston, San Francisco, and Jacksonville, Fla., seven of the eight teams are 6-6 and UCLA is 6-7.

The argument that the SEC is good from top to bottom will be a tough sell if Mississippi State, Florida, and Vanderbilt lose and wind up 6-7. In that case, half of the league’s 12 teams will finish with losing records.

Apparently, the SEC’s 2012 revamped football schedule will be released next week.

If a couple of sources are to be believed, Texas A&M will play at Missouri in 2012, indicating they will be permanent opponents in the SEC. In that case, Arkansas is stuck with South Carolina as its permanent opponent from the Eastern Division.

A&M’s “leaked” schedule shows Arkansas as a home game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the game will be in College Station. If it is in Cowboys Stadium for the fourth straight year, the Aggies will be the “home” team.

Such a designation is significant when trying to determine the Razorbacks’ 2012 opponents.

Arkansas is supposed to play at South Carolina next year, along with road games against Western Division opponents Auburn and Mississippi State. Playing at College Station would fill Arkansas’ quota of four SEC road games.

Until Missouri and A&M joined the SEC, the schedule called for Arkansas to play at Tennessee next year. That can’t happen because it would mean five conference games on the road.

The easiest answer is that Tennessee drops off the schedule a year early and Kentucky rotates on as scheduled for a game in Fayetteville. Such a development would mean avoiding a trip to Knoxville where Tennessee fans expect improvement with the return of quarterback Tyler Bray.

Bored by LSU 9, Alabama 6?

There are four bowl games that Las Vegas believes will be high scoring and two of them are BCS games. The over-under total points scored is highest in the Alamo Bowl where the number is 78 between Baylor and Washington.

The number is 75 for the Fiesta Bowl between Brandon Weeden and Andrew Luck — make that Oklahoma State and Stanford — and 72 in the Rose Bowl between Oregon and Wisconsin.

For Arkansas-Kansas State, it is 64.

Thirty-nine is the over-under in the Alabama-LSU rematch. If that is to be believed, we’re looking at something like 21-17, enough to satisfy most point-hungry fans.

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