When Ozark has the ball

When Ozark has the ball

Quarterback Jonathon McKenzie has 165 carries for 1,241 yards with 20 touchdowns. He has completed 92 of 201 passes for 1,674 yards with 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Running back Bubba Elder has 161 carries for 1,036 yards with 18 touchdowns. Toby Richard has 29 catches for 736 yards with nine touchdowns.

Brandon Brokeshoulder has eight carries for 46 yards and 24 catches for 332 yards and two touchdowns.

Stuttgart’s defense: Senior Waymon Johnson has 42 solo tackles with 34 assists. Senior Courtney Carroll has 40 solo tackles with 27 assists. Carroll also has four interceptions.

Senior Chris Hooks has 31 solo tackles with 38 assists. Senior Taylor Daniels has 27 solo tackles with 25 assists.

Jackson Kennedy has three interceptions and Dre’lon Ice has six.

When Stuttgart has the ball

Senior quarterback Dontrell Brown has 167 carries for 1,191 yards with 17 touchdowns. Junior Tyler Luster has 132 carries for 785 yards with 13 touchdowns.

Ice, a senior wide receiver, has 60 carries for 561 yards. He also has 28 catches for 497 yards with five touchdowns.

Brown has completed 88 of 153 passes for 1,519 yards with 16 touchdowns and two interceptions.

Ozark’s defense: Elder, who also starts at linebacker, has 48 solo tackles with 10 assists, three fumble recoveries and one interception.

Richard, a free safety, has 33 solo tackles and nine assists. He also has four interceptions on the season.

Brokeshoulder, a linebacker, leads the team with 100 solo tackles and 49 assists. He has one fumble recovery and has forced two fumbles.

Linebacker Ethan Hawkins has 96 solo tackles, 43 assists, four fumble recoveries, a sack and one interception.

Defensive line Bryan Baccam has 58 solo tackles, 26 assists, three fumble recoveries, one sack, two forced fumbles and a punt block.

Defensive end Kenneth Warden has 57 solo tackles, 21 assists and three sacks.

Special teams

Ozark: Richard has 2 PAT blocks and one kickoff return for a touchdown.