SHERIDAN – Senior Brady Bowlin scored 32 points Tuesday night to lead the Sheridan Yellowjackets en route to a 56-43 win over the Watson Chapel Wildcats.

SHERIDAN – Senior Brady Bowlin scored 32 points Tuesday night to lead the Sheridan Yellowjackets en route to a 56-43 win over the Watson Chapel Wildcats.

“That is something special,” Sheridan head coach Joe Scott said. “He is a great kid, good-hard worker. He is a coach’s dream.

“I’m really happy for Brady and the game he had. He puts in a lot of time and effort and I’m glad it paid off for him.”

By the end of the first quarter, Brady had eight points thanks to four free throws and a pair of buckets. Sheridan led 14-6 heading into the second quarter.

“I’ve been telling him, that if you set a good screen, you are usually going to be the one open,” Scott said. “They had us pretty far out on the ball screen and we had Bowlin on those pick and rolls all night.

“He had a really good game.”

Bowlin has scored in the double digits in two of his last three games, but had just nine points against White Hall last Friday. He averages about 10 points a game.

“I can’t say enough about Brady Bowlin’s game tonight,” Scott said.

Sheridan’s Caleb Hollinger hit a pair of three-pointers to begin the second quarter to give Sheridan a 20-8 lead.

Watson Chapel scored just seven points in the second quarter including a steal and a layup by Jalen Courtney. Benjamin Marcus gave the Wildcats their first points of the second quarter and Charles Owens nearly dunked to cut the deficit to 22-10 with about four minutes left in the first half.

“We never quit, and that was one of the few positive things I had to say about tonight,” Watson Chapel head coach Matt Busch said.

Chapel scored 30 points in the second half but only 13 in the first. Busch said that has been a trend all season.

“That’s kind of been our deal,” Busch said. “We play a good half and a bad half.

“We are going to have to change something.”

Sheridan’s Dylan Morris and Austen Theiss both ran into some early foul trouble, picking up two each in the first quarter.

“They picked up two early fouls and they have been really good for us lately,” Scott said. “But our non-starters really stepped in and we continued our lead. Chapel never even crept back in the game.

“Hollinger hit two big three-pointers and Jessie Feathers had a really good game.”

Hollinger finished with six points and Feathers contributed with three points. Theiss finished with eight points despite his four fouls.

Sheridan led 30-13 at the end of the first half.

“We have got to coach better, we got to play better and we’ve got to execute more,” Busch said. “I take a lot of this one. The way we prepared, I thought we were ready.

“Their 1-3-1 stifled us and every one of those kids have grown a couple inches from last year.”

Last year, Sheridan jumped out to a 17-5 lead in the first quarter using the same style of defense, but in the second quarter Watson Chapel was able to shut the Jackets down on its way to a win.

“Instead, this time, it just got worse,” Busch said. “We’ve got to do a better job all the way around.

“I give them a lot of credit. They have a good squad.”

Busch said Sheridan’s experience really gave them the edge in Tuesday’s game.

“They obviously learned and got better and that’s what I’m hoping we can do,” Busch said. “Learn from our losses and get better.

“We have a chance to be pretty good, we just have to find ways to fight through adversity.”

For Chapel, C.J. Robinson finished with 11 points, including three three-pointers in the fourth quarter. Tevin Brown chipped in with 10 points and Marcus had 10.

“At this point, you can lose and learn,” Busch said. “Obviously, we want to win them all. But even after six or seven games in, you can still see the inexperience.”