WHITE HALL – Jake Green has never played a single down as an offensive lineman but this year he will have to make the switch from wide receiver to center.

WHITE HALL – Jake Green has never played a single down as an offensive lineman but this year he will have to make the switch from wide receiver to center.

“We told him in the off-season, that we really needed him to be center for us,” White Hall head coach Mike Vaughn said. “And he has just rose to the occasion.

“He’s strong and he is quick and he could play at a lot of places, but he knew his football team needed him at center.”

In Friday’s Black/White Scrimmage at Bulldog Stadium, Green snapped it about 40 times and had just one bad snap.

“You can’t beat that,” Vaughn said. “I was just real pleased with his effort.”

Green will anchor an offensive line that has bulked up about an average of 50 pounds each but still does not have a lot of in-game experience.

“If your offensive line isn’t very good, you’ve got problems,” Vaughn said. “We got some size and we got some strength, they just need experience and that’s a big one.”

The only returning starting lineman will be senior Trevor Garner at right tackle.

“He played last year quite a lot, so he’s the mainstay,” Vaughn said.

One of the additions to the line includes Corey Doss, who checks in at 6-foot-3 and about 290 pounds.

“I tell you what we did better this spring than what we did last spring and that is protecting the passer,” Vaughn said. “A lot of that has to do with the fact that everybody weighed about 200 pounds and this year we are about 250-260.

“That’s a major difference.”

In Friday’s scrimmage, the Black team defeated the White team 28-14 as each team had four possessions – starting at their own 40-yard line – and running about 10 plays each possession.

“We got a long ways to go like everybody else does this time of year,” Vaughn said.

White Hall is replacing 15 starters, including 10 on offense.

“It is going to be a work in progress,” Vaughn said. “I thought it was a good spring.”

After the White team failed to score on its first possession, the Black team was able to score on its last play of its first possession thanks to a quarterback keeper from about 3 yards out.

Quarterbacks Kirk Baugh and Clayton Bowers played for both sides of the ball.

“Neither one of our quarterbacks played (much varsity) last year,” Vaughn said. “Kirk came in at the end of the season and played a little bit.

“He broke that collarbone early and didn’t get many reps and Clayton played in our B-games. I thought they both did well considering that.”

On its third possession, White Hall tied the game with a completed pass to Joseph Failla. He then turned up field and scored for about a 30-yard play. Failla hauled in another touchdown pass on the White team’s final possession to trim the lead to 21-14.

“We’ve got some guys that can catch it,” Vaughn said. “We are going to be OK, I think.”

Vaughn said one of his goals this spring was to find out “who can’t play.”

“That’s what we were after,” Vaughn said. “We knew the ones who could play, but we wanted to find the ones who can’t play and the few that could help us that we didn’t know about.”

Irvin Tisdale and Kendrick Edgerson showcased some of their ability as well, breaking for a couple of big gains on swing passes.

“Everybody knows about Tisdale and Edgerson and what they can do,” Vaughn said.

The Bulldogs will open their season on Sept. 3 against Monticello at Arkansas-Pine Bluff at 7:30 p.m.