Jodie Robertson of White Hall never considered picking up a bow until her then-boyfriend bought her one early in their relationship.

Jodie Robertson of White Hall never considered picking up a bow until her then-boyfriend bought her one early in their relationship.

Now, just five years later, Robertson finished this season in third place in the Archery Shooters Association and that boyfriend is now her husband of two years.

“I was very proud,” Robertson said. “A lot of hard work came together for that to happen.

“My husband and I put in a lot of time with that.”

This past weekend, Robertson was in seventh place in the standings heading into the final tournament — the ASA Classic in Cullman, Ala. Robertson had a great showing, though, finishing in sixth place to leapfrog into third place in the overall standings.

“I just had a really good weekend,” Robertson said. “I knew I had a chance coming in because I’d had a good season, but there were a lot of girls that had had good seasons.

“But, I was very surprised and very happy with my performance this weekend.”

The tournament is the association’s biggest of the year.

“It’s really considered the championship,” Robertson said. “It’s the final.

“It’s the biggest one they have.”

It’s also the association’s most important tournament when it comes to determining the standings. The association has seven tournaments throughout the year, which, according to Robertson, draw between 60 and 100 competitors in her division alone. A participant’s place in the standings is determined by taking his or her score from the ASA Classic and his or her four best scores from the first six tournaments.

Robertson, 28, shot in the Women’s Bowhunters Division this year, but because of how well she did, she will be forced to move up to the Women’s Open B Division next year.

Not too shabby for someone who has spent just two years shooting nationally and just five years shooting overall.

“I actually had been just going to tournaments with my husband and watching him shoot,” Robertson said. “He actually bought me a bow not too long after we started going out.

“Shooting a bow wasn’t something I ever really thought about doing, but once I did, I just loved it. So, really, I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it weren’t for my husband.”

Robertson, like her husband John, 30, are members of the Pine Bluff Bowhunters Association. In fact, Robertson took over as treasurer of the club at Monday night’s meeting.

“I started shooting, became a member (of the club) and then became secretary for a couple of years.”

Like her progression with the club, Robertson’s progression with bowhunting itself was a quick one.

“It took, maybe, a couple months,” Robertson said about falling in love with bowhunting. “I really started enjoying it when I realized you could get progressively better the more time you put into it.”