Several members of the Pine Bluff Bowhunters organization had top-five finishes in the 33rd Annual Ben Pearson Memorial 3-D Tournament.

Several members of the Pine Bluff Bowhunters organization had top-five finishes in the 33rd Annual Ben Pearson Memorial 3-D Tournament.

Seven members took home a total of eight awards on Sunday at Pine Bluff Bowhunters Archery Range.

Jesse Johnson took home a pair of plaques. He finished first in the Senior’s Open and fifth in the Men’s Open.

A pair of members finished tied for second in the Men’s Open. Eric Waddle beat Greg Jackson in a shoot-off to finish second in the division.

Benny Berry, who was one of the organization’s founders, finished third in Longbow.

For the second year in a row, board of directors’ president John Robertson finished second in the Pro Division. Fellow member Jody Price finished fifth in the division.

Robertson’s wife Jodie claimed third place in Ladies’ Bowhunter Release following a shoot-off victory over Johnnie Cook.

The star of the day, though, was Zack Bullock and it wasn’t just because he won the Recurve Division. On Sunday, Bullock joined his father Vince, Berry, and four others in the Life Members group of the organization.

For Bullock, the announcement was completely unexpected.

“I was definitely surprised,” Bullock said by phone Monday.

Bullock didn’t even know that he had been nominated for the honor, let alone been accepted.

“I didn’t know anything,” Bullock said. “They were saying all these things and I had no idea they were talking about me.

“I was totally shocked. It’s such an honor, because my dad has had me out there since I was a kid.”

The 33-year-old White Hall resident currently serves as the organization’s secretary and has served as treasurer, vice president and president in the past.

“It’s really just such an honor, for me, because there are just a handful of Life Members,” Bullock said. “I was totally caught off-guard.”

33rd Annual Ben Pearson Memorial 3-D Tournament

(final results, top five unless otherwise stated and all ties broken by shoot-off)


1. Lane Murry, 262

2. John Robertson, 256

3. Brandon Settlemire, 254

4. Cody Crawford, 254

5. Jody Price, 253

Men’s Open

1. Brian Earls, 268

2. Eric Waddle, 256

3. Greg Jackson, 256

4. Ronnie Roberts, 254

5. Jesse Johnson, 252

Men’s Bowhunter Release

1. Heath Brashear, 262

2. Ronnie Roberts, 258

3. Mike Tallent, 258

4. Cole Reppond, 255

5. Chris Clark, 252

Senior’s Open

1. Jesse Johnson, 260

2. Arlon Seale, 244

3. Richard Hathcock, 240

4. Gary Carlosh, 232

5. James Feltman, 214


1. Cody Cordell, 258

2. Matt McGregor, 256

3. Scott Lawrence, 249

4. Robb Shaver, 248

5. Brent Sorane, 248

Ladies’ Bowhunter Release

1. Amy Chambers, 254

2. Scarlett Vasquez, 254

3. Jodie Robertson, 248

4. Johnnie Cook, 248

5. Holly Murry, 242

Barebow (all competitors)

1. Tony Forrest, 217

2. Josh Forrest, 217

3. Robert Forrest, 209

4. Frank Thigpen, 191

Longbow (all competitors)

1. Sam Phillips, 224

2. Rob Lee, 218

3. Benny Berry, 159

4. Patrick Phillips, 147


1. Zack Bullock, 209

2. Travis Maynard, 206

3. Justin Bridges, 206

4. Sam Phillips, 201

5. Nic Adams, 200

Youth (13-15 years old)

1. Ryan Boswell, 270

2. Isiach Climer, 256

3. Grace Weatherly, 254

4. Brandon Sartain, 253

5. Hunter Fortner, 250

Cub (9-12 years old)

1. Brandon Sartain, 268

2. Zachary Sartain, 260

3. Mason Barg, 260

4. Seth Milam, 241

5. Ranelle Allen, 232