A local Redfield resident is well on his way to representing Arkansas in the Olympics.

A local Redfield resident is well on his way to representing Arkansas in the Olympics.

Jordan Ogle, a 12-year-old who trains and competes at the Elite Boxing Club in Sheridan, has become a force to be reckoned with.

“He trains hard and he is real dedicated,” coach Scooter Vance said. “He is a good athlete and competes at a national level.

“He is a good kid.”

Jordan is the son of Lou and Robin Ogle of Redfield.

“He has been in football since the second grade,” Robin Ogle said. “He plays all over the field, anywhere they want him to be.”

Jordan, a 7th grader at White Hall Middle School, stands at 5’10 and weighs 157 pounds. During pee-wee, Ogle played fullback and now he is usually positioned at the tight end spot.

“Since he has started football in middle school, he gets a lot more training with weights,” Robin said. “Both sports kind of help each other out.”

Robin said it also helps him with his breathing.

Jordan holds several titles in boxing, including state and regional silver gloves. He came in second in the National Silver Gloves in 2011. He won the 2010, 2011, 2012 national championship belts for his age and weight division.

Robin said it was a struck of luck that got him interested in boxing in the first place.

About four years ago, Jordan wanted to start karate or tae kwon do. But coming back from a dance competition for his sister, Jordan and his family notice the boxing club in Sheridan.

Six months later, they took him to the boxing club and it just kind of took off rom there.

Vance said one of his favorite memories of Jordan, so far, happened earlier this year.

“He had a 12-second knockout in the first round of the finals of a championship bout,” Vance said. “He is a real good boxer.”

Vance said one of the reasons Jordan is so good, because he spars against bigger and older kids.

“He will spar against 20 and 18-year-olds and spar against bigger guys as well,” Vance said. “He trains with them and he is real athletic and a good athlete.”

On December 1st, Jordan traveled with the Elite Boxing Club to North Little Rock for the 2012-13 State Silver Gloves Championship. There, he fought against Tyree Jones from Charles Strong Club and the state silver gloves championship in his bracket.

“He is a smart boxer and a smart kid,” Vance said. “He reads his opponents well and has a game plan.

“He knows the game and he knows what to do, how to make you miss and make you pay for it.”

Jordan will now progress to the Regional Silver Gloves In January. The winner of that fight will progress to the National Silver Gloves held in Independence, Mo. He currently has fight record of 10-5.

The top 10-15 year-old boxers from across the national will gather in Independence, Mo., to compete over three days, four sessions and in three rings for the 2012 National Silver Gloves Champion Title.

Jordan is ranked sixth in the Nation and Canada in his weight and age division.

“We call him ‘The Punisher,’” Vance said. “They called him that in football too and we decided it fit him pretty well in boxing too, so we just decided to leave it.”

Vance is the president and head coach of the Elite Club. He began his boxing career in 1967 and boxed the amateur circuit until 1981.

He has produced nine National Champions in 2009 and six National Champions in 2010. He also produced five junior Olympic Champions and two Regional State Champions.

As any mother would, Robin continues to worry about her son every time he’s out there in the ring.

“It depends on who his opponent is,” Robin said. “If you look at his opponent and if he is evenly match technique wise and size wise, than not as much.”

It is the national and state fights that concern her the most.

“You walk into the right and you are not sure what you are up against,” Robin said.

“There could up to 1,500 boxers coming in from all over the place. Most of whom, he’s never faced before.”

Robin said, win or lose, they put his fights on YouTube so his friends and family can see the fights.

The Silver Gloves Regional Tournament will be held in North Little Rock beginning January 10th and will include champions from Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.