The Harbor Oaks 4-Ball event slowly became the Sheridan Invitational on Saturday, which would not be unusual for the event.

The Harbor Oaks 4-Ball event slowly became the Sheridan Invitational on Saturday, which would not be unusual for the event.

The two teams tied for the lead at the event are both from Sheridan. Chad Graves, who won the event last year, and Daniel Treat tied with Cameron Hurst, who won in 2009, and Chris Pledger for a score of 9-under.

Of course, all four knew each other and golfed in the same foursome on Saturday.

“I’ve known Chad and Daniel since I was about 12 or 13 and I grew up playing with them,” Pledger said. “It was fun and playing with someone you know is always fun.”

Even though Graves and Hurst have won the event before, each one was golfing with a different partner. Graves teamed up with Chris Dixon last year, but Treat is a familiar partner for him.

“I picked up Daniel to replace what I had (last year) and I did that,” he said. “I have played with him a lot.”

Graves has played with Treat a lot, though.

“We win a lot of tournaments,” Treat said.

Hurst just started teaming up with Pledger a few weeks ago, and the pairing has worked out well so far.

“I have known him for a long time. … We played well together,” he said. “He is a dang good golfer.”

Hurst was also expecting Pledger to outplay him since he was getting over a bout of pneumonia. Both golfers ended up holding up their end of the bargain, though. Pledger and Hurst each had an eagle on the day and were four strokes under par after the first three holes.

“We both hit it pretty well today,” Hurst said. “We made a lot of birdies.”

It was Pledger’s first time playing in the event, too, and he made it an memorable day.

“We came in with high expectations and so far we have fulfilled them,” he said. “It was pretty fun and we started off well. We kind of slowed down after a bit, but we finished off well.”

The quick start by Pledger and Hurst had Graves and Treat on the defensive right away.

“Pretty rough starting out,” Graves said. “But we battled and made a few putts and we finished off pretty good.”

Graves ended up with an eagle on the fourth hole to get the pair back on track.

“He got that eagle and that got me pumped up and I birdied the next hole,” Treat said. “Then we just started rolling on the back.”

Both teams came in with a score that was one shot better than Trevor Durham of Conway and Andrew Sanders of Pine Bluff.

Since the two Sheridan groups had the two lowest scores, the four will be golfing together on the final day of the event today.

“It’s just easy to play with these guys, and you know you have to birdie with them to keep up,” Graves said. “We will be talking on the front, but on the back, I think things will get tight.”