FAYETTEVILLE — Baseball is a game of routines, from batting practice to taking infield and bullpen sessions.

FAYETTEVILLE — Baseball is a game of routines, from batting practice to taking infield and bullpen sessions.

So Sheridan coach Mike Moore wanted to get his team in a routine and prepared for the team’s 10 a.m. Class 5A title game against El Dorado on Saturday.

Sheridan made the trip to Fayetteville on Thursday and practiced at 7:45 a.m. on Friday. Before the team’s game against El Dorado on Saturday, Sheridan had batting practice at 7:45 a.m.

“We feel like getting in a routine is big and we are not used to playing at 10 in the morning,” he said. “We wanted to make sure we were up and ready to go. We did a dress run for getting up that early and I thought the kids responded well to it.”

It is not like high school kids are not used to getting up early in the morning, but they are usually in class instead of at baseball practice or playing in a game.

“School work is a little different than baseball work,” Moore said.

Plus Sheridan has eight seniors on its roster and Moore said they have not had to be in school the last couple of weeks.

“So they’ve been sleeping until 10 or 11 in the morning and coming into practice in the afternoon,” Moore said. “That was part of it too, getting them back into it.”

Richardson inching closer to his brother

FAYETTEVILLE - Wayne Richardson made five state title appearances and won four championships during his time at Watson Chapel.

His brother, Tommy, has now won three state titles in six championship game appearances after Woodlawn beat Carlisle for the 14-2 Class 2A state title.

“I’m getting closer,” Tommy Richardson said. “I am chasing him.”

Tommy said Wayne does not give him any grief for having more championships, even though Tommy is just one away from his older brother by 10 years.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better big brother if I picked my own,” Tommy said. “The Lord gave me a good one.”

Tommy Richardson was not about to make any early predictions for next year.

“We are going to celebrate this one for a day and then start working for the next one tomorrow,” he said.

Carlisle valedictorian skips graduation

FAYETTEVILLE — Most valedictorians give the speech on graduation day. Carlisle’s valedictorian, Tommy Inman, had other plans since he was scheduled to play in the Class 2A state title game, and he did.

“I have never coached a better kid,” Carlisle coach B.J. Greene said. “If you could put nine players, you would want nine Tommy Inmans. Great kid and can play any position and a 32 or 34 on the ACTs.”

Inman did receive his diploma along with five other teammates before the team’s game against Woodlawn on Saturday.

Greene said the six seniors had no regrets about missing graduation.

“They knew where they wanted to be,” he said.

Nesbit hits first home run of weekend

FAYETTEVILLE — In the first three championship games on Friday, a total of zero home runs were hit.

On Saturday, El Dorado’s Jamie Nesbit, the eighth hitter in the Wildcats’ lineup, hit a simple pop-fly to deep left field. But with an extra gust of wind, the ball kept carrying and landed in the left field bullpen for the first home run of the weekend.

“That was crazy, I just thought it would be a deep fly ball,” Nesbit said. “I saw the fielder kept going back and I just kept running the bases and heard my teammates yelling.”

The home run was Nesbit’s fourth of the year. He had no idea he hit the first home run of the weekend either.

“Feels great, I didn’t know nothing about it, but it feels great now,” he said.

Nesbit hit the home run on the first pitch he saw in the sixth inning and it was a two-run home run.

“Coach told me if the first pitch was in there and it was and I just swung,” he said.