PENDLETON — The Dumas/Pendleton Bridge pool was not living up to its reputation as being the home of the big fish on Saturday.

PENDLETON — The Dumas/Pendleton Bridge pool was not living up to its reputation as being the home of the big fish on Saturday.

There was not a single 5-pound fish turned in at the pool from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Troy Gibson turned in the largest fish during that time at the 9 a.m. weigh-in with a fish of 4.85 pounds.

Billy Campbell had the largest fish of the 1 p.m. weigh-in at 3.90 pounds, which would have been the only weigh-in with the biggest fish coming in below 4 pounds. But with 10 minutes left in the day, Joe Glover rushed up with a fish that changed the outlook of the whole day. Glover’s fish weighed in at 5.69 pounds, giving the Dumas pool its biggest catch of the day and saving its reputation.

“I knew I was getting close on time, so I ran up, grabbed a weigh bag, ran back and I was almost out of time,” Glover said. “I thought it was going to be a 6-pounder or better, she just wasn’t fat.”

Glover is a regular at the Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza and he attributes his success to two things — where he fishes and his lucky life jacket.

“My life jacket’s my luck,” Glover said. “It’s Mr. Joe Mosby’s life jacket from the 1986 Bassmaster Classic. He gave it to me. I lost a life jacket down here last year and they gave it to Joe.”

Where Glover fishes has a little bit more strategy to it. Glover likes to find where the lilly pads build up and fish there.

“I am in the thickest crap you have ever seen,” he said. “I get a little pressure, but they go around the outer edges.”

Like all of the other competitors on Saturday, Glover had to deal with the heat. Even though the mercury did not hit 100 degrees by the final weigh-in unlike Friday, the temperature was still in the high 90s.

But Glover said the heat did not get to him at all.

“A lot of people let the heat affect them, but I am weathered,” he said. “I run a backhoe and a bulldozer all day, and I am either doing that or I am fishing.”

The area around the weigh-in station was getting a little nervous before Glover turned in his fish. There was a reputation to uphold.

“We figured that we would get a couple over 6 pounds, and we finally got one at 5.69, and we usually weigh a litter better here than other parts,” said Zach Helton, assistant weighmaster. “It was pretty nice to see. Handling 3- and 4-pound fish all day, getting the 5-, almost 6-pound fish, that was pretty nice.”

Glover’s fish was not enough to knock off Lester Irons’ 5.93 pound fish from Friday. The biggest fish of the Bonanza was caught Saturday in Dardanelle by Jerry Overton and the fish weighed in at 6.19 pounds.

Helton said he expects to see a 6-pound fish turned in at the Dumas pool today.

“It’s kind of nice to see a little diversity around the state, but we like to keep the big fish down here,” he said. “I think a 6-pounder will be in. I think heavier than a 6-pounder, but I think we will see a 6-pounder in Dumas (today).”

Saturday’s hourly weigh-ins

At Pendleton Bridge, near Dumas

• 8 a.m. — Eddie Linley 4.71, Havery Gomillion 4.44, Richard Kuzas 4.35

• 9 a.m. — Troy Gibson 4.85, Denville Culliford 4.34, Gary Escalanta 4.21

• 10 a.m. — Bryan Haskins 4.22, Tim Nesterenko 3.84, Bobby Hopson 3.68

• 11 a.m. — Ricky Potts 4.48, Scott Smith 4.04, Brian Hogue 3.92

• Noon — David Shopher 4.08, Joel Newman 4.05, Stan Harris 3.96

• 1 p.m. — Joe Glover 5.69, Jim Grace 4.12, Billy Campbell 3.90