A meeting was held recently to start formulating plans for this year's annual White Hall High School All-Classmates reunion.

A meeting was held recently to start formulating plans for this year’s annual White Hall High School All-Classmates reunion.

A request has been submitted to the White Hall School Board for use of the high school cafeteria facilities for this occasion.

A financial report was read by Gladys Clark.

Ann Musgrove contacted last year’s caterer and confirmed the date with Denton’s Catfish for this year.

It was decided that there will be an over-flow of door gifts from the past three years, and those attending will have a choice of whichever gift they would like. The decision was made to hold the reunion in basically the same format as the previous 14 years, with a decoration party from 5-7 p.m. Sept. 28, with a pay-as-you go meal following at a local restaurant. When the location is decided it will be announced at the July 23 meeting. The reunion will be held on the Sept. 29 beginning at 10 a.m.

An invitational letter was reviewed and will be printed for the July 23 meeting, as well as the program copies.

It was decided that following the picture-taking ceremony, first the honoree class, then classes of oldest years first would proceed right to the catering line by years.

The price of reunion remains at $20, which covers caterer, expenses and gifts. The cost after Sept. 15 will be $25.

The committee is asking volunteers to seek donations for gifts to present at the reunion. The class of 1962, celebrating its 50th reunion, will be the honorees this year.

The following people were in attendance Jackie Henderson Barringer, Daisy Musgrove Turner, Bobby Barringer, Ann Rinehart Musgrove, Gladys O’Brien Clark, Buddy Skipworth, John Blankenship and Dorothy Crawford Keisler. Classes represented were from 1948 to 1960.

At the next meeting, which will be at 6 p.m. July 23 at the White Hall Library, will be a working meeting, in which mailing material will be prepared. Any and all volunteers will be gladly accepted.

For further information, please contact Gladys O’Brien Clark at 870-247-4656, Leongladys@aol.com; Ann Rinehart Musgrove at 870-247-1113, Genenann1953@aol.com; or William Henry at 501-250-1204, wwhenry@suddenlink.net.