A beautiful spring evening provided the perfect setting for White Hall High School's first-ever outdoor concert May 1.

A beautiful spring evening provided the perfect setting for White Hall High School’s first-ever outdoor concert May 1.

Supporters of the Sound Pride of White Hall brought their families and lawn chairs to gather around the amphitheater at White Hall City Park to listen to the band’s “concert in the park.”

“I’ve wanted to do a concert outdoors for a while,” said WHHS band director Robert Brown.

The WHHS Jazz Ensemble presented two songs and audience members could be seen tapping their feet to “Adelieland” which is a featured song from the movie “Happy Feet.”

Ensemble member Zack Willis was featured in a drum solo for the upbeat rendition of the song. The Ensemble also performed a swing-style song called “The Preacher” that featured soloists Tyler Green and Alec Hoffman.

Around dusk there was a brief intermission as the varsity Concert Band prepared for their five song set. During the break, children and adults lined up to purchase ice cream novelties from the Frosty Treats ice cream truck that was asked to be on site for the event.

The concert continued as the band provided the robust sound of “Continental Overture,” a song composed by Arkansas native David Gorham. As daylight turned to dark, the concert kept everyone enthralled with “The Red Balloon” by composer Anne McGinty.

The third song in the set, an audience favorite, was titled “Electricity” by Daniel Bukvich. Halfway through this eclectic number, the stage lights were turned out and one by one flashlights held by band members flickered on to add an interesting visual to the music. With instruments and flashlights in hand, band members played their way into the audience, then back on stage as the drums made the sound of thunder.

“This was a wonderful performance,” said audience member Wendy Spadoni, who was there to support her nephew Chris Spadoni, an All-Region band member. “My favorite was Electricity.”

“The Phantom of the Opera medley was my favorite,” said Katie Owens, referring to the Webber/Sweeny medley that was the fourth arrangement in the varsity band’s performance.

Before the final number of the evening, Brown took the time to thank all the supporters of the band including the booster club, parents, district faculty, band members and his family.

Brown said this year has been a challenge with the integration of ninth-graders into the high school.

“The band got much larger,” Brown said. “Fifty-four members had never marched before.”

Brown introduced the final number by saying, “No outdoor concert would be complete without a march.”

Sounds of “The Brandenburg Gate” by Vinson filled the air as the delighted audience and band members smiled at the success of the night.

“Outdoors is better,” said Tina Lewis, mother of senior tuba player Zach Lewis. “This was fun!”