March 26

March 26

Randy Reynolds, garage supervisor for the White Hall School District, reported five of 10 school buses parked outside the garage, 8106 Dollarway Road, were damaged by vandals, according to Patrolman Brian Todd, school resource officer.

The windshields were believed damaged by rocks or BB guns, Todd’s report indicated.

March 30

Thomas E. Brown, 59, of 1715 W. 35th Ave., Pine Bluff, was injured when the rented 2012 Volkswagen Passat he was driving west on Sheridan Road just west of Interstate 530 was struck from the rear by a 1996 Nissan Altima driven by Bettie R. Gray of 9205 Pine Meadow, Pine Bluff, said Patrolman Brent E. Bridges.

Brown was taken by EASI ambulance to Jefferson Regional Medical Center for treatment, Bridges’ accident report said. Gray and three young passengers escaped injury.

March 31

Mrs. Tina Hunter of 312 Regal Oaks Circle was quoted by Patrolman Tommy Kelly as saying a free-style bicycle valued at $500-700 was stolen from her front porch.

April 1

Gloria Wilson of 6303 Dollarway Road, Pine Bluff, told Patrolman Tommy Kelly that a bicycle a man was riding was stolen from her residence within the past month.

The man, who was quoted as saying he bought the bicycle from an unidentified individual, agreed to turn the bike over to Kelly until it could be determined if it was stolen.

Kelly said Wilson provided the paperwork showing she had purchased the bicycle in November 2011 and took possession of it the following day.

April 4

– A 2002 Honda Civic was heavily damaged when the driver, Skylar D. Summerford of Hensley, lost control of the southbound vehicle on Robin Road, ran off the roadway, crossed both lanes and struck several landscape timbers and flower beds in the 1100 block of Robin, said Patrolman Robert Rogers.

– A thief failed in an attempt to steal a 5- by eight-foot utility trailer, Patrolman Brent E. Bridges wrote in a report, because the owner had chained the trailer to a utility pole.

Kenneth Wheeler Sr. of 609 Bessie Drive said the trailer had been moved in the attempted theft. Bridges said a utility trailer was stolen from a nearby residence several days earlier.

– Andrew Conley of 730 NCTR Road, Jefferson, told Patrolman Robert Rogers the 2004 Hyundai Elantra he was driving struck a tree beside a driveway in the 500 block of White Hall Road.

April 5

A pickup truck collided with a SUV on Sheridan Road west of its intersection with Robin Road, Sgt. Greg Moody, wrote in an accident report.

The investigating officer quoted Ronald E. Helton Jr., 7000 Sheridan Road, Pine Bluff, as saying he was westbound in the 8000 block of Sheridan in a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado pickup when the vehicle was struck in the left rear by a 1995 Jeep Cherokee driven by Ariel M. Branch of 6203 Dollarway Road, Pine Bluff.

Branch said she had exited the McDonald’s parking lot, 8012 Sheridan, and entered the center turn lane and was preparing to merge into the westbound lane when the collision occurred.

April 7

Patrolman Celena Harbison quoted Burlight McDonald of 1511 Gamble Road as saying he discovered five strands of barbed wire cut at the rear of his property. McDonald speculated that thieves who stole motorcycles from a nearby residence may have cut the fence to gain access to the area.

Fire log

April 3

White Hall firemen responded to the Georgia Vontungein residence, 1007 West Street, in response to a report of a possible natural gas leak. Firemen found a small leak in a valve in the heating unit of the home. The valve was turned off and Vontungein indicated she had called a repairman.

April 4

Fifteen firemen, police and ambulance personnel were dispatched to No. 43 Westmont Circle upon receiving a report of a residential house fire with entrapment. Patrolman Stephen Moreau said he determined there was no fire and the family inside the structure was safe.