May 12

May 12

Randy Bradshaw of 2207 Crestwood, Pine Bluff, notified White Hall police that he had observed a small child walking alone on Reynolds Street toward Dollarway shortly after noon, adding the three-year-old was almost struck by a vehicle when the boy stepped into the roadway.

Bradshaw told Patrolman Brent Bridges that he had stopped, got the child out of the street and called 9-1-1. While he was talking with Bradshaw, the officer said, police received a report of a child missing from a residence in the 600 block of Bridges Street.

Bridges’ report indicated he drove the boy to Bridges Street, where he was identified by his mother and she was notified of the circumstances in which the child had been found. The officer quoted her as saying the boy had been playing in the living room with his one-year-old sister while the mother was cleaning the house, but was missing when she went to the living room to check on the two.

Bridges wrote that he made a visual inspection of the residence and both children appeared “fairly clean and healthy.” After leaving the residence, he wrote in his report, a state Department of Human Services case worker was notified and stated she would conduct an in-home inspection later that day to determine if any DHS action would be taken.

May 14

Betty J. Ferguson of 513 East St. told Patrolman Bridges that her car parked under the carport and one exterior wall had been sprayed with “Silly String” by one or more vandals.

Ferguson told the officer she had been out of town during the weekend when the vandalism occurred.

May 15

Patrolman Robert Rogers said he arrested two Pine Bluff men on misdemeanor drug charges following a traffic stop on Dollarway Road.

The officer said he stopped an older model car driven by Nickolas Jordan, 22, of 2218 W. Saracen St., for failure to dim his headlights and during the course of questioning ascertained Jordan and his passenger, Zeavon Irby, 20, of 412 Talbot, did not have a valid operator’s license.

Rogers said while searching both men for weapons he determined that each had a bag of marijuana in their clothing. After impounding the car, the officer said he found five additional bags of marijuana in a container between the front seats.

Jordan received three citations for operating a vehicle without a license, no liability insurance and fictitious license tags. Both men were charged with possession of a controlled substance, Rogers said.

May 18

» An SUV and a car collided on Sheridan Road at its intersection with Robin Road, Patrolman Bridges wrote in an accident report.

Heather L. Bowman of 7104 Oxford Drive, Pine Bluff, driver of a westbound 2004 Toyota 4Runner, told the officer she had stopped in a line of vehicles at the traffic light and took her foot off the brake when the light changed to green, but the 2012 Honda Accord driven by Shawnee Chaney of 3701 Hillcrest St., Pine Bluff, stopped in front of the SUV did not move when the light changed.

Bridges said Bowman’s vehicle struck the rear of the Accord, causing minor damage.

» John A. Panell of 320 Woodland Drive, Jefferson, was northbound in a 2010 Ford Fusion on Robin Road when the vehicle struck a mailbox at 1301 Robin, Patrolman Rogers wrote in his report.

The officer quoted Panell as saying he was searching for a CD in the vehicle, lost control and swerved into the mailbox. The impact caused an estimated $2,500 in damage to the car.

» A 2000 Ford Ranger pickup truck struck the front of the Tom Owens residence at 141 Grizzly Bear causing an estimated $15,000 damage to the structure, said Patrolman Stephen Moreau.

The driver of the truck, Matthew J. Orendorff, 25, of 8144 Lull Drive, Pine Bluff Arsenal, was quoted as saying he was northbound on Heartwood Street and “does not remember anything after that, until he woke up sitting in his vehicle. The vehicle was in a house and the motor was revving very fast.”

Orendorff told police he panicked and backed from the damaged house, calling 9-1-1 to report the accident after reaching his residence.

Moreau issued the driver citations for careless/prohibited driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Damage to the truck was estimated at $2,000, the accident report indicated.

Fire log

May 19

» Firemen were dispatched to the Chrissy Parker residence, 1800 Triple E Road, at 10:29 a.m. in response to a report of a fire in the garage. The homeowner’s father, who turned in the alarm, found a bird’s nest that had ignited because it was too close to a light bulb, Fire Marshal William Beadle’s report indicated. The relative removed the nest and there was no damage.

» A pile of wood on a vacant lot at 1205 Oak Hill Drive was found burning at 1:30 p.m. when firemen responded to a report of a grass fire. Jerrel Boast, the property owner, told firemen he had been cutting a tree down when his chainsaw overheated and he left to return home.

Beadle’s report stated firemen extinguished the fire, but were unable to determine its source.