May 22

May 22

A two vehicle accident occurred in the south parking lot at White Hall High School. School Resource Officer Mike Monk responded to the call. According to Lyndsie Koonce, she was driving over a speed bump when her foot slipped off of the brake and her truck struck the rear end of Henmangkumar Patel’s car. Monk reported that Koonce’s GMC Sierra sustained minor damage to the front bumper and Patel’s Honda Accord sustained moderate damage to the rear bumper and truck.

May 24

•Officer Dustin Summers responded to a report of an accident in the parking lot of the Shell Food Mart located at 8003 Hwy 270. According to the report, Tiffany Reed backed her vehicle out of a parking space and into a trailer being pulled by Toney Ratliff. Ratliff was parked, waiting to get gas when his trailer was struck by Reed. No injuries were reported.

•A no-injury, two-vehicle accident occurred on the north bound off-ramp of Interstate 530 and Hwy 256. Officer Dustin Summers noticed the accident while on patrol and took the report. Gillian Ballard was yielding to traffic at the end of the off-ramp when she was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Alisha Todd.

May 25

•The parking lot of Taco Bell, located at 8011 Sheridan Road, was the scene for a minor traffic accident. Officer Brent Bridges responded and took statements from those involved. Broderick McLeod stated that he was waiting to exit the parking lot when the vehicle in front of him began backing up and collided with his front bumper. Driver of the other vehicle, Tammy Jones said that she was waiting to exit the parking lot by making a right turn when she changed her mind. Jones began to back up in order to make a left turn instead and claims that she did not see McLeod’s vehicle behind her. Both vehicles sustained minor damage.

•A wallet was reported to have been stolen from a car parked in the Dollar General parking lot at 9011 Sheridan Road. Officer Stephen Moreau took a report from Helen Moseley in which she stated that she had placed her wallet in the driver’s seat of her car, left the door open then proceeded to load items that she had purchased into her car. While loading her car, Moseley noticed a woman in the parking lot who seemed to be attempting to catch a dog. The dog jumped into Moseley’s open car and the unidentified woman reached inside and picked up the dog. Moseley then got into her car and drove away. She soon noticed that her wallet was not in the seat where she had left it. After searching the car and returning to the Dollar General to see if someone had found her wallet, Moseley called to report it stolen.

May 27

Vashona McDonald was walking along Meredith Street when she was bitten on the left arm by a dog. Officer Dustin Summers talked to the dog owner, Angela Buffkin, who said that the dog got out of the backyard. According to Buffkin, the dog is current on vaccinations.

May 28

•Officer Tommy Kelly was notified that Edward Spears Jr., age 21 of 4112 S. Mulberry St., Wabbaseka, had been arrested by the Pine Bluff Police Department and was in custody at the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center. Spears had an outstanding warrant in White Hall.

•A two vehicle accident occurred in the east bound lane of White Hall Road. Kirk McDonald missed his turn onto Parkway Drive, stopped in the middle of White Hall Road and began to back up in order to make the turn. A vehicle driven by Sherri Hall was behind him. Hall stated that she blew her horn and tried to back up but was not able to avoid being struck. No injuries were reported.

May 29

•Sgt. Sandy Castleberry responded to a minor accident in the parking lot of the Sonic at 8601 Dollarway Road. Sherry Castaneda said that she was backing out of a parking space and did not see a vehicle behind her. Castaneda’s rear bumper struck the left rear of a car driven by Beaureta Branson.

•Austin Sanford reported to Officer Dustin Summers that his brakes failed as he tried to park at the Dollar General at 8605 Dollarway Road. Sanford hit two shopping carts and pinned them between his truck and the store building.

•Kimberly Robbins was arrested for public intoxication by Sgt. Sandy Castleberry. Robbins was seen by Castleberry walking on the sidewalk near White Hall Middle School. Castleberry reported the he observed Robbins yelling very loudly so he stopped to check on her. While talking to her, Castleberry noticed that she was intoxicated and had a small cut above her eye. Robbins was taken to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center and booked.

May 30

Erick Saoud of 1308 Frontier Lane reported to Officer Brent Bridges that 10 boards of lumber were missing from his property. Saoud said that a stack of lumber had been delivered by Lowe’s on May 28 and that he is not sure if the missing boards were stolen or if it was a mistake made by the delivery driver.

May 31

•Video surveillance was used to confirm a shoplifting incident at Sandy Acres Grocery at 9225 Hwy 270. Employee Ashlie Cothran reported that a man later identified as Mikel H. Martin Jr. age 25, of 10200 Princeton Pike Rd., was seen by another customer putting a Five Hour Energy Drink in his pocket without paying. Patrolman Brain Hornsby took the report, viewed the video and arrested Martin at his residence. Martin was taken to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center and booked for shoplifting.

June 3, 2013

A Chevy Silverado was vandalized at 120 Overland Trial according to a report written by Officer Robert Rogers. Owner of the vehicle, Randall Light, said that he went outside and discovered that the passenger and driver’s side windows had been broken sometime during the night. Light said that there was about $20 missing from the console.