April 22

April 22

• Police were notified of a hit and run accident in a private lot at White Hall City Park near the baseball fields. According to an accident report filed by Sgt. Sandy Castleberry, a white Ford Explorer backed into a parked truck owned by Jerry Weilcher. It was reported that an older white male was seen driving the

Explorer. After backing into Weilcher’s vehicle, the driver got out of his Explorer, appeared to survey the damage to the vehicles, brushed off Weilcher’s bumper and drove away.

April 25

•Richard Holland, 24, of 6001 Kennedy Ave., Pine Bluff, was arrested by Sgt. Sandy Castleberry for driving on a suspended license, careless and prohibited driving, and no proof of liability insurance.

Holland was driving a red Dodge Dakota south on Dollarway Road when Castleberry noticed he was acting suspicious, according to a police report. Castleberry followed the vehicle and observed it speeding up and swerving in and out of traffic. The vehicle was pulled over at 6712 Dollarway Road and a check on Holland was run for outstanding warrants. There were no active warrants but Holland did have a suspended driver’s license. Holland was transported to the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

•Officer Robert Rogers was dispatched to White Hall City Park due to reports of a man unconscious in a blue Ford Expedition. When Rogers arrived at the location, the vehicle’s occupant had been awakened by a bystander. Rogers questioned the driver, who identified himself as 32-year-old Rithen Nenam of

1701 S Poplar St., Pine Bluff however; he could not produce any identification. During the questioning, Rogers reported that he noticed a strong smell of alcohol and an open can of beer. Nenam was placed under arrest for public intoxication and placed in the back of a patrol car. He then told the officer that there were four children with him in the park but he did not know where they were. He stated that the children belonged to his brother. When asked the children’s names so that officers could locate them, Rogers reported that Nenam was uncooperative. Officer Joe White assisted Rogers with contacting associates of Nenam to solicit their help in looking for the children. After a 45-minute search, all four children were found in the area of the

youth baseball field. Parents of three of the children arrived and notified officers that the fourth child was Nenam’s daughter. Staff from the state Department of Human Services met the parents, children, and officers at the White Hall Police station to begin an investigation of the incident. The children were released into the custody of their parents pending further investigation by DHS. Nenam was taken to the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center and booked for public intoxication.

April 26

•Pine Bluff Police Department detectives notified Officer Tommy Kelly that Moses Watts, 41, of 1804 W 26th Ave., was in custody. Officer Kelly was told that the White Hall Police Department held a warrant for Watts. Kelly faxed the warrant to the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

•Minor damage was evident in a two-vehicle accident that occurred on the northbound off-ramp of I- 530 at U.S. 270. Ethel Crowley of 2214 Whippoorwill Lane, Pine Bluff, was yielding to traffic while waiting to pull onto U.S. 270 and head east when Randy Howard of 105 Evergreen Ct., Hot Springs

struck the rear of her vehicle. Howard stated that Crowley had pulled forward and stopped several times while waiting on the traffic to clear. Howard thought that Crowley was about to turn onto 270 so he advanced forward striking her vehicle with the left front bumper of his pickup.

April 28

• Evelyn Clark, 61, of 2020 S Summit St., Little Rock, reported to Sgt. Sandy Castleberry that she returned to her car after eating inside the McDonald’s at 8012 Sheridan Road to find her purse missing from the backseat. Clark later contacted Castleberry and informed him that she had located her purse.

April 29

• Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was notified by the Faulkner County Detention Center that Zeavon Irby was in their custody. Irby had two active warrants from the White Hall Police Department.Castleberry transported Irby to the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center where he was booked on the warrants.

May 1

•An employee of the White Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation Center called 911 to report yelling and screaming coming from a nearby residence. Patrolman Brian Hornsby reported to 400 Green St. in reference to the disturbance where he made contact with Matthew Lollar. Lollar stated that he had been on the phone with his wife from whom he has been separated for approximately a year.

Lollar said that he had been in a heated discussion in which he raised his voice several times. Hornsby stated that Lollar had an angry disposition and went from being angry one minute to apologetic the next and that Lollar made several comments that concerned the officer. Hornsby advised Lollard to go to Jefferson Regional Medical Center for treatment. Lollard agreed and called his sister to follow him to the emergency room.

• A single-vehicle accident occurred when Glen Dale Brown of 1404 W. 33rd Ave., Pine Bluff, pulled out of the parking lot of Silverleaf Plaza onto Highway 365 South and lost control. Brown stated that he was not able to maintain control of his vehicle because of the wet road conditions. He attempted to steer toward the sidewalk away from traffic when the vehicle jumped the curb and struck the retaining wall.

Brown’s vehicle came to a stop across Chipmunk Drive. Brown’s vehicle sustained a broken frame and front bumper. Officer Brian Todd notified the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department office in Pine Bluff of the damage to the retaining wall.