June 28

June 28

A two-vehicle, no injury accident occurred on the northbound exit ramp 34 off of I-530. Jayson Sandine of Rison told Officer Brian Hornsby that he was stopped at the end of the exit ramp waiting for traffic to clear when his vehicle was struck from behind. Scott Burgess of White Hall told the officer that the vehicle in front of his had made its way off of the exit ramp when he accidentally rear ended it. Both vehicles sustained some damage.

June 29

The White Hall Fire Department was dispatched to 1103 West Street in response to smoke inside a residence. Upon arrival, officers and firemen found that the stove belonging to Vera Robertson had gone into self-cleaning mode and filled her kitchen with smoke. No fire was evident.

July 1

Officers Brian Hornsby and Celena Harbison went to 2609 W. 26th Ave., Pine Bluff to try and locate 20-year old Rodderick Ramon Jacobs who was wanted by WHPD on an active warrant. Jacobs was at the residence and was arrested and transported to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

July 2

?Donald G Lemons was wanted on a Failure to Comply warrant out of the WHPD. Officers Brian Hornsby and Celena Harbison went to Jones Feed Store to locate him. Lemons told the officers that he could pay the warrant in full so they transported him to the White Hall City Court Clerk’s Office to take care of the matter.

?After an attempt to locate Donnie Ray Robinson, 24 of White Hall, on an outstanding warrant, Officers Celena Harbison and Brian Hornsby were informed by a family member of Robinson that he was currently in custody at the Pulaski County Detention Center in Little Rock. A call to the detention center confirmed his location.

?Charles Mullins, 25 of 8608 US Hwy 270, White Hall, was arrested at his residence for a Failure to Appear warrant held by the WHPD. Officers Celena Harbison and Brain Hornsby made the arrest and transported Mullins to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

July 3

?Chief Steve McFatridge of the Redfield Police Department located Shannon Upshaw, 24 of 205 River Rd., Redfield on the request of the WHPD that she be picked up on an outstanding warrant held there. Upshaw was located and arrested. Officer Celena Harbison met McFatridge in Redfield to retrieve Upshaw and take her to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

? Officer Brian Todd was notified by the Grant County Dispatch Center that Michael Scott Manning, 27 of 520 S. Rose St. 12, Sheridan was in custody at the Sheridan Detention Center. Manning was wanted on a warrant out of the WHPD and was held in Sheridan until Officer Celena Harbison picked him up and transported him to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

July 4

Officers responded to a suspected shoplifting incident at Cranford’s Grocery. Upon arrival, they spoke with several individuals including the store manager, Allen Eute and a witness, William Stone. In the parking lot was a white GMC Yukon in which police officers looked through a window and saw several steaks lying in the backseat. The owner of the vehicle, Dave John McFadden III, was located inside the store. McFadden told officers that he had given a ride to a male and female and he thought that the male was still inside the vehicle. The female, later identified as Kessandra Johnson, was seen by a witness putting steaks into her pants, leaving the store, giving them to a man sitting in the Yukon, and then going back into the store. Johnson was arrested for shoplifting and banned from Cranford’s Grocery. The meat valued at $72.58 was returned to the store manager. Johnson was taken to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

July 7

Nina Snell, 33 of 417 N Patterson St., Hot Springs, was arrested and charged with D.W.I., Careless and Prohibited Driving, 6 counts of No Child Safety Restraints and 6 counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor. According to a report by Officer Brent Bridges, he responded to a call of an accident at Hwy 270 and I-530. Upon arrival, Bridges noticed that Snell, driver of the vehicle, smelled strongly of alcohol. State Trooper Ryan Felton arrested Snell and transported her to the Jefferson County Jail where a breathalyzer test was administered. Snell’s blood alcohol level was 0.21%, above the legal limit.