Editor, the Progress:

Editor, the Progress:

The common sense approach for placing campaign signs is to obtain permission from the land owner and not place signs on government or public property, or a right of way. The strip of land between a utility pole and roadway is usually the public right of way. While the distance may vary, that is the rule of thumb most people follow without having a copy of the legal easement definition in-hand.

The prohibition against placing campaign signs on a state highway right of way is in §27-52-109 of the Arkansas Code. Signs on private property adjacent to a state highway are permitted. Highway 79, Dollarway Road and 270 are some of our area state highways. To report state highway violations call 534-4822 or 534-1612.

Pine Bluff Ordinance 55-96 restricts campaign signs to one sign per 25’ of lot, with no more than five signs per lot. Signs cannot go up more than 60 days before an election removed within 10 days after the election. To report violations in Pine Bluff call 730-2020.

Concerned citizens can do something about misplaced campaign signs with a call to the appropriate office. Since these signs cost money, sooner or later most will get the message. However, more importantly, let me suggest contempt for a simple thing like lawful placement of campaign signs is telltale of a candidate’s uprightness, or lack thereof, and something voters may want to think about on their way to the ballot box.

Stu Soffer

White Hall