City Park may be one of White Hall's best investments over the years.

City Park may be one of White Hallís best investments over the years.

Thousands of visitors make it a point annually to stop at the park across Parkway from City Hall. Some of the visits may be brief and just include a stroll on the walking trails, while others are longer with children enjoying the playground equipment and families taking advantage of the shade and picnic tables.

The White Hall Chamber of Commerce annual Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday morning, with hundreds of adults watching hundreds children literally scramble for more than 8,000 eggs that will be hidden about the park for the hunt.

The annual Kidsí Fest, which has been drawing an estimated 5,000, is scheduled for April 20 and 21. Free entertainment, a carnival midway, vendors and plenty of free activities is a ticket to success and crowds.

The park is a focal point for the big crowds that turn out for the Founders Day celebration in August.

We donít know how much taxpayer money has been invested in City Park over the years. Part of the explanation is simply much of the equipment and labor has been donated by individuals and organizations.

Few municipalities twice the size of White Hall that can boast a large, well equipped city park with an adjacent skateboard park and a pavilion and stage used for hosting a number of entertainment venues during a typical year.

It is normal Ė not the exception Ė to notice residents of other cities utilize the parkís facilities. We have observed day cares, schools and individuals driving from Pine Bluff, Sheridan, Star City, Redfield, Rison and Warren to enjoy our park.

They enjoy the shade, tranquility and the feeling of being safe. Thatís a complement to the residents of White Hall.