Our View

Our View

Individuals concerned about the brush and timber piled up on the southeast corner of the intersection of Dollarway and Hoadley roads may want to consider the planning involved for White Hall’s proposed community center.

The city’s Advertising and Promotion Commission authorized the work so architects and engineers would have a better view the tract for planning the center.

Simply put, planning will move much quicker once the 30-acre site is completely cleared. Planners need to look at the land minus the trees to determine what steps are needed in preparing the land for construction.

“Every tree you leave will cost you money,” a veteran contractor and developer reminded us.

The municipality has a contract with Matthew Webb Construction Co. to clear the site of stumps and “tops” left from the timber cutting in 30-45 days. It will likely involve some burning of the debris. White Hall can obtain a permit to burn even if the countywide burn ban is still in effect.

For years City Hall has considered building the center in stages under a pay-as-you go plan, utilizing revenues from the city’s motel and prepared food sales tax. Now the commission is looking at revenue bonds as one way to construct the center in one project.

Sales tax revenues could be pledged to retire any bond indebtedness. No vote has been taken on which financing method will best serve the city.

Once the center is constructed, trees can be planted to make the site more attractive.

City Hall has two major projects — the community center and a fire sub-station — on its agenda this year. While city employees will pour the foundation for the station, Jim Lord LCS has a $101,000 contract to erect the metal and brick building.

The two projects will not be completed overnight. Planning now will save the city money in the long run.