The practice atmosphere at Wildcat Stadium was different on Thursday, but in a good way. During warm ups, music was blasting from the press box speakers, the players were getting in and out of their drills smoothly, and it seemed as if they were having fun.

Two weeks into training camp, Watson Chapel football Head Coach Jared Dutton has seen progression.

Along with that progression, he now wants to see consistency every single time out.

“It’s gotten better every day,” Dutton said. “The kids understand the effort and the intensity that it takes. We need to bring it practice every day and make it as much like a game as possible. It’s not been hot but it’s definitely getting humid here, so kids have had to push and focus. But our approach to practice is definitely helping.”

Thursday was strictly about offense for the Wildcats. The quarterbacks and receivers were continuously going over their rout chart, running backs were heavily engaged during 7-on-7 formations, and the offensive line worked hard on assignment blocking.

“It turned out to where this was an offensive day for us,” Dutton said. “We’re just trying to go through our install, through our list, and kids are doing a great job of learning. Everybody is paying attention, and we’re trying to build depth as much as we can in all positions. It’s a learning progress.”

With only about three weeks until the first game of the season, Dutton can see the sense of urgency picking up.

“Everybody is starting to get anxious about playing,” Dutton said. “Everybody has kind of reached the point to where they’re tired of practicing and ready to play. We’re just about a week out from our black and gold game here, which is our scrimmage game. Then we’ll go play Star City in our benefit game. It’s a bonus, our kids are going to be ready and I’m definitely excited.”

One of the most interesting points that came out of practice was the absence of former starting quarterback Jakobi Jackson.

Dutton didn’t go into detail, but he did declare sophomore Devin Curry as their starting quarterback.