After getting off on the wrong foot to start the week, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Golden Lions football team bounced back to have a productive scrimmage to end the week. The Golden Lions scrimmaged for the first time of fall practice on Saturday. UAPB Head Coach Monte Coleman believes that they won the day, and for the most part he liked what he witnessed during the scrimmage.

“Well I thought it went really well,” Coleman said. “We got about 80 plays in, and that’s what I was shooting for. We got a chance to see all four of our quarterbacks in action. We had some good plays, and we had some bad plays. One thing I’m a little disappointed in is the speed the players where playing at, but overall we’re still a work in progress.”

As far as the quarterback race, Coleman didn’t single anyone out in particular as he analyzed them as a group.

“The quarterbacks demanded the respect when they had the huddle,” Coleman said. “Duncan got us started, Patterson came in, Marcus Terrell, and then Totten. All four guys got a good look and they threw the deep ball and short ball well. We had no interceptions, and one fumble. I thought we took care of the ball, and I’m pleased there.”

One unit that was encouraging to see for Coleman was the offensive line. Heading into camp it was a known fact that they needed to take a step up from last season.

“The offensive line showed up,” Coleman said. “The O-line did a good job of controlling the defense for the most part. Although they started out slow as the scrimmage progressed, they took control. They made plays when we needed them the most and we have to have that.”

Coleman mentioned a number of skill position guys who stood out, particularly running backs and wide-outs.

“I really thought Parris Mack showed his speed and played well today,” Coleman said. “Jaimon Peterson, Jeremy Brown, Orion Smith, Keshwan Williams, and I’d say Nick Woodfork are all guys who showed up today.”

On the defensive side of the ball, according to Coleman, they started off fast and made great tackles, but there was too many blown coverages. This week they’ll do whatever it takes to correct the mistakes that are being made in the secondary.

“Defense started off extremely fast, and that’s what we need,” Coleman said. “I saw a lot of gang tackling with eight or nine guys around the football at a time. We gave up to many big passes. We’ll have to go back to the drawing board and make changes in protections or the guys will just have to step it up.”

The defensive line together as a unit had a nice outing. Junior college transfer DT Kevin Agee from Lackawanna College, and division-I transfer DT Johnny Daniels from Purdue caught the eye of Coleman.

“We had a couple transfer guys that played well for us,” Coleman said. “Kevin Agee is a defensive tackle who plays fast. Johnny Daniels is a strong Purdue transfer. He’s not in football shape, but when he gets there you’ll see the difference between the SWAC and the Big Ten. Darius Ofun played good at defensive end. Nick Williams and Tashad Charity both got a sack or two, and the guys are flying around.”

Coming out of scrimmage number one, Coleman has a grasp on what needs to be changed, and he see’s promise overall.

“There’s some things we have to do to make changes, but overall we had a good first scrimmage. It could have been hotter, but it was a good day, and I saw a lot of positive things. I see play makers on both sides of the ball.”