FAYETTEVILLE — The Arkansas athletic department unveiled its latest look — one complete with a new secondary Razorback logo — Monday night.

FAYETTEVILLE — The Arkansas athletic department unveiled its latest look — one complete with a new secondary Razorback logo — Monday night.

The unveiling was part of Arkansas’ rebranding with Nike, which has outfitted the program since 2010. Athletes from Arkansas sports will wear uniforms that feature the same primary colors and typography for lettering and numerals. The color and lettering will be uniform on apparel as well to provide consistency for the program.

"When you go through a process like this, it’s extremely important to have a unified look, a unified branding that goes across all sports, men’s and women’s and runs throughout our department," Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long said in a video that appeared on the program’s website Monday night. "So we’re excited to end up with a graphic identity that will provide just that for us."

The secondary logo is a forward-facing Razorback. Arkansas said the new logo will not replace the well-known running Razorback, which has been the identity of the program for decades. Instead, Arkansas intends to use it as an alternative.

The forward-facing Razorback will appear on the chest of the 2014 football uniforms above the lettering. The running Razorback will remain on Arkansas’ football helmets and will be on the left hip of the football uniform’s pants.

"Tradition is very important to us," Long said. "But at the same time, we have to keep moving our program forward in such a way that we continue to attract 17 to 21 year olds to our program, to our university."

The rebranding arrives after Arkansas was one of three schools — along with Florida State and Illinois — selected to participate in Nike’s Graphic Identity Group (GIG) this year. The institutions worked closely with Nike representatives to "reimagine the identity and branding goals," according to Arkansas’ news release.

Florida State and Illinois also have introduced new brands as well. Florida State’s rebranding included a slight change to the program’s well-known Seminole logo.

Arkansas unveiled two color options for its 2014 football uniforms Monday. There are cardinal and white helmets, jerseys and pants. The Razorbacks will not have anthracite uniforms — which have been available the past two seasons — in 2014.

A video on Arkansas’ website also showed the phrase "1-0" will be stitched on the inside collar of the jerseys. It’s a phrase used by Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

"I think the greatest thing about the new uniforms is it brings back some of the traditions of Arkansas," Bielema said in the video on Arkansas’ website. "It brings back a clean look that allows our players to step onto the field and look sharp from Day One and hopefully will allow them to play that way as well."

The men’s basketball team program will continue to have three uniforms after debuting anthracite during the 2013-14 season. Anthracite remains one of the athletic department’s secondary colors along with black and dark steel gray.

Todd Van Horne, who is the VP and Creative Director for Nike Football and Baseball, was in Fayetteville to take part in a uniform reveal during Arkansas’ annual "Hogspy’s" banquet Monday night. Van Horne said the rebrand would help Arkansas establish a "combined identity, bringing men’s and women’s sports together." He also said the goal was to "respect the past, but also represent the future."

"Nike has a time-honored relationship with the University of Arkansas and Razorback Athletics and it has been an incredible experience to pay homage to their rich history in conceptualizing a new brand identity," Van Horne said in a statement at NikeInc.com. "The new updates are strong, fast and dynamic, reflecting the spirit of the University’s athletic programs in a forward-thinking manner."