Vincent Newton is leaving Stuttgart after just one season as the school’s head baseball coach.

Vincent Newton is leaving Stuttgart after just one season as the school’s head baseball coach.

Newton isn’t leaving the Ricebirds for another head coaching job. In fact, he likely won’t even be an assistant coach for baseball at his next stop — North Pulaski.

"I’m going there for a non-baseball job for at least one year," he said Saturday. "After a year, hopefully find another head job. I was put in a bad situation with the administration (at Stuttgart).

"My old high school football coach (Teodis Ingram) is the head coach (at North Pulaski) and so I got in touch with him and he helped me get out of a bad situation."

Newton said he doesn’t know much about his new role with North Pulaski. He said it is possible he could be an assistant coach for football, basketball, and/or track.

"I start work Tuesday," he said. "I’ll know more about the coaching as it comes along."

Regardless of his coaching role(s) with the school, Newton said he’s thankful to land a new job.

"I feel fortunate," he said. "As a young coach, I’m glad I get to protect my name and protect my résumé. … I was accused of some things that didn’t happen. …

"It didn’t make sense to stay in a situation where I felt I wasn’t treated right."

Newton said the school district’s administration, specifically the new superintendent Nathan Gills and athletic director Vince Perrin, was a major factor in his decision to leave.

"That’s what kind of made everything happen," he said, "a new superintendent and a new AD.

"That’s where a lot of the conflict was."

Newton, who was also an assistant coach for the Ricebirds football team, said he did have a chance to speak with his players about his decision to leave.

"I talked with my baseball team," he said. "I talked with my football team, too.

"I told them I had to make a decision that was best for me."

On Tuesday, Perrin commented on Newton’s leave.

"He wanted to pursue other opportunities, and I commend him for that," Perrin said. "I wish him the best of luck."

Ready to leave the situation in Stuttgart behind him, Newton said he’s looking forward to his, at least, one year at North Pulaski.

"I’m looking to grow as a coach and grow as a man," he said. "I know some people in the Central Arkansas area. I’m still going to try and coach, because I want to give back to the kids. …

"I know I’m in a situation where I’m taken care of by coaches and administrators."