- On July 24, Officer Robert Rogers was off duty inside the Dollar General store at 8516 Dollarway Road and while at the checkout counter, was approached by store employees who reported a possible shoplifting in progress. The employee was also on the phone calling 911.

- On July 24, Officer Robert Rogers was off duty inside the Dollar General store at 8516 Dollarway Road and while at the checkout counter, was approached by store employees who reported a possible shoplifting in progress. The employee was also on the phone calling 911.

According to Rogers’ report, the employee stopped a man, later identified as Benjamin Scott, 45, of Pine Bluff, as he attempted to leave the store. Rogers identified himself as a police officer and told Scott to stay inside the store while Rogers determined what was going on but Scott became belligerent with the store employees and began pulling at his clothes to show that he did not have anything.

Scott was also using profanity, Rogers said in the report, and while Rogers was attempting to get information from store employees, Scott walked out of the store and attempted to get into a vehicle.

"Scott became more agitated and aggressive as he approached me and store employees," Rogers said in the report. "I instructed Scott not to approach me, at which time he put his hands against my chest. I instructed Scott not to put his hands on me and to back away. Scott again attempted to walk away from me at which time I grabbed his arm to stop him from walking away."

Rogers said Scott pulled away and put both his hands in his pockets and produced a paring knife which Rogers was able to take away from him.

Sheriff’s deputy Terry Wingard arrived and assisted Rogers in taking Scott into custody but not before Scott tried to fall to his knees and complain that he had just had surgery. Rogers reported Scott had a surgical scar on his abdomen.

Scott was taken to the adult detention center, where he was charged with disorderly conduct. A store employee later located two packages of T-shirts and two packages of underwear that Scott was allegedly attempting to take.

- On July 29, Rogers was sent to the Big Red Travel Plaza at 8110 Sheridan Road to take a theft report.

Connie Tedder reported that cash drawers had been coming up short by up to $5 per day for about two months, and Tedder reported that while watching store security video, she saw Tina Smith, who is one of the managers, appear to be removing money from the cash drawer before taking it the cash register at the front of the business.

According to the report, Tedder said she saw Smith remove a cash drawer from the safe and she appeared to remove money from the drawer and close it up in her left hand. Smith would then set the cash drawer on a counter and put her left hand in her pocket, and then open her hand back up. Tedder said she began checking surveillance video on a daily basis and she observed Smith perform the same routine every day.

Tedder and Ben Jones, the owner, set up cell phones to record video directly over the safe and according to the report, Rogers watched the video and saw Smith take a roll of coins and loose quarters from the cash drawer after removing it from the safe, then cuffed the money in her left hand and put it in her pocket.

Rogers accompanied Tedder and Jones to the front of the business and Jones terminated her. As Rogers escorted her to her vehicle, he reported that she spontaneously stated "that it was stupid and she did it because she was mad at Jones."

Smith waived her right to an attorney and told Rogers she had been taking between one and five dollars per day from the cash drawer and said she had taken about $20 over a two-week period. She was issued a citation for misdemeanor theft of property and also banned from the property.

- On July 30, Sgt. Sandy Castleberry reported that an unknown caller had notified White Hall Police that Tom Bush Jr. was possibly in a vehicle with is girlfriend Amanda Pierce at Fred’s at 8515 Dollarway Road. Bush had an outstanding felony warrant from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office that Castleberry confirmed.

The report said Castleberry went to Fred’s parking lot, where he observed a woman later identified as Pierce, 32, of Star City standing by the open door of a vehicle. Castleberry also reported seeing several food canned goods and a package of hot dogs in the floorboard of the vehicle that were not in a store sack. A warrants check on Pierce indicated she was wanted for failure to appear by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and failure to appear by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Pierce was placed under arrest on the warrants and the owner of the vehicle told police the food items were not in her vehicle when she left it and entered Fred’s.

The food items were returned to the store and Pierce was issued a citation for shoplifting.

- On July 30, Officer Robert Rogers reported he was on patrol in the area of Robin Hood and Green Oaks Lane when he saw a red Chevrolet pickup driven by Sky Hughes, who Rogers knew had a suspended driver’s license.

Hughes pulled into a private drive on Robinwood Drive in an apparent attempt to avoid being stopped.

Rogers said in the report that he had issued Hughes a citation for driving on a suspended license two weeks earlier and Hughes was taken to the adult detention center for driving on a suspended license.

- On July 31 at 8:05 a.m., a one-vehicle accident was reported on Interstate 530 at the southbound on-ramp.

Casie Price of Star City said she was driving south on the on ramp approaching 40 mph when her vehicle started hydroplaning.

She said she hit her brakes and her vehicle stared to skid east off the ramp and struck a tree.

Damage to the 1997 Chevrolet Camero driven by Price was estimated at $3,000.

There were no citations issued.

- On July 31 at 8:15 a.m., a two-vehicle accident was reported on Park Terrace Avenue, west of Parkway Drive.

Sally P. Victoria of White Hall said she was backing her vehicle out of the driveway at 705 Park Terrace Drive and didn’t see the other vehicle that was parked on the street until her vehicle struck the other vehicle on the passenger side rear bumper.

There was no damage to the 2005 Chevrolet driven by Victoria.

The owner of the other vehicle, Miranda J. Quarles of White Hall said her vehicle was not occupied at the time of the accident.

Damage to the 2007 Pontaic owned by Quarles was estimated at $1,500.

There were no citations issued.

- On July 31, Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was notified that Eddie Poland of Benton was in custody in Saline County on a failure to appear warrant from White Hall City Court with a bond amount of $455. Poland was given a new court date and the warrant was deleted from the Arkansas Crime Information Center database.

- On Aug. 2, Officer Robert Rogers was notified that a Pine Bluff Police Officer had Devin Sims of Pine Bluff in custody on a warrant from White Hall City Court for failure to appear with a bond of $795. The warrant was faxed to the adult detention center.

- On Aug. 3 at 10 a.m., an accident was reported on the parking lot of Dollar General at 9001 U.S. 270.

Bridget P. Clark of Arlington, Texas said she was pulling out of a parking spot when she saw a vehicle backing out of a parking space and started blowing her horn to get the other driver’s attention but was unable to and the other vehicle struck the front passenger side bumper of the 2010 Chevrolet she was driving.

The driver of the other vehicle, Nicholas McNeese of White Hall said he was preparing to back out of a parking space and did not see anything behind him. He said he began backing out and struck the other vehicle with the rear bumper of the 2012 Dodge he was driving.