Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Efforts are underway to make it more difficult to vote, hoping to “suppress voter turnout.” In “one Black man’s view,” I believe this effort is being done to stop President Obama from being re-elected, by the Republican Party.

I call your attention to Mrs. Dorothy Cooper of Chattanooga, Tenn., who is 96 years old who was denied a voting ID card. She began casting ballots in her 20’s, missed voting only once since she started voting over 70 years ago.

Mrs. Cooper learned at a community meeting in September of this year, that under a new state law in Tennessee, she needed a Photo ID to vote in next years’ Presidential election.

When she made it to the State Driver Center, with an envelope full of documents, seeking to obtain her state ID, a clerk denied her request. She had a rent receipt, a copy of her lease, her voter registration card, and her birth certificate. The reason given by the clerk for denying Mrs. Cooper a state ID so she can vote in 2012, was because she did not have a copy of her marriage certificate. After much community outrage was expressed, Mrs. Cooper finally has received her state ID card in October of this year.

It is estimated some 5 million eligible voter could be affected throughout the United States, if new voter ID laws are passed. Another way to “suppress voter turnout,” in the 2012 presidential election that is underway by stopping of limited early voting. Arkansas is one of the states, where early voting could be affected.

Voters let’s let our lawmakers know we do not want a change in Arkansas voting laws, that will make it more difficult to vote. Contact your state representative, state senator, and the Governor.

Milton H. Jenkins

Pine Bluff