Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

First let me say my heart felt sympathy goes out to the family of Walter Ashley Jr. and you are in my prayers. This was a young man that I knew from a boy to a grown man. He was respectful and loved by the northside of Pine Bluff, and will be greatly missed. God didn’t take his life, someone took his life who had no respect for life. I know that the signs bearing the commandment has been posted around town with the subject posted on them “Thou Shall Not Kill”, which is a very good sign. But we need to understand that they are not being recognized by the ones with the guns, and I agree that we need the device that is known as a spot shot to be installed in Pine Bluff. Not only in the white community, but the white too. I agree that the Three Gables should be closed down. It is a nuisance to Pine Bluff, there are numerous complaints against the establishment. And what I can’t come to grasp with is that you would let an under age person into the establishment. They mayor and city council need to rescind the ordinance on night clubs. We who are Muslims and Christians shouldn’t mind if they close the Three Gables, because Muslims and Christians are Holy names.

We are suppose to be against night clubs, liquor stores, and the likes there of. This is written in the Memory of Walter Ashley Jr.

Pine Bluff needs changing. May almighty God bless us in our endeavors.

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff