By Robbie Neiswanger

By Robbie Neiswanger

Arkansas News Bureau

FAYETTEVILLE — Suspended Arkansas football players Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey and Andrew Peterson pleaded not guilty to felony burglary and theft charges Wednesday morning.

The trio appeared in court for the first time since being arrested on burglary and theft charges on May 12 after allegedly stealing items from dorm rooms on campus. They have a trial date set for August 27.

All three were charged with three counts of residential burglary (a Class B felony), and one count of theft of property (a Class D felony) during the arraignment hearing, according to prosecuting attorney Mark Booher. Humphrey and Peterson were charged with nine felony counts when arrested in May, while Wade was charged with one count.

The three allegedly stole multiple items from dorm rooms totaling $4,817 in early May, according to the arrest report. The items included laptops, DVDs and textbooks.

The arrest report indicated surveillance video captured the three walking through hallways and entering unlocked dorm rooms. It also stated some of the stolen items were later recovered in Peterson’s dorm room, while a clerk at the campus bookstore also identified the three as having been in the bookstore multiple times to sell textbooks. Arkansas coach John L. Smith suspended the players indefinitely and said later in May none of the three were enrolled in classes at Arkansas for the summer semester or participating in offseason workouts while they worked through the legal process. The status of the three Razorbacks hasn’t changed Wednesday, according to Smith. Their trial date is five days before the Sept. 1 opener against Jacksonville State.

“Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey and Andrew Peterson are not members of our football team and once the legal system has ruled on their status we will determine their status with the team,” Smith said in a statement.

The three are among six Razorbacks who were arrested on various charges this spring.

Arkansas offensive lineman Jason Peacock was sentenced to 10 days in jail last week after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge for stealing a student’s credit card. Smith is reviewing his status with the football team. Linebacker Tyler Gilbert was suspended after being arrested and charged with aggravated residential burglary and theft of property in April. His trial is scheduled for July 26.

Wide receiver Kane Whitehurst was arrested for possession of marijuana on April 1. He is no longer with the football program.