Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Do you find it curious that the Pine Bluff Commercial continues to protect Mayor Debe Hollingsworth even when she is wrong? I don’t, because she is the "Great White Hope" that whites feel will protect their interest and control "Blacks," and she is doing both with the help of some Black clergy that enjoy being a slave to her.

I have been led to believe that they are bought and paid for with a few hundred dollars, so if your pastor is promoting Deborah, it is a good chance he or she has been paid. How can Black clergy support a liar like Mayor Hollingsworth?

She recently stated that her final contribution and expenditure report had been filed, but a few days later she admitted it had not, and would be filed on November 5 or 6. It didn’t happen she "LIED." LIAR, LIAR, YOUR PANTS ON FIRE.

I agree with City Attorney Althea Scott; the mayor don’t know the truth, but she claims transparency in spite of being a "LIAR." DON’T TRUST HER WORD.

The Pine Bluff Commercial (in my opinion) is guilty of media bias by promoting whites and stereotyping blacks; maybe part of the problem is a lack of black reporters that cover government issues. That needs to be addressed. Don’t take my word on it; take notice on how blacks are portrayed vs. whites in the Commercial.

If the Commercial continues that policy some action should be taken (nothing stupid like boycotting the paper), maybe a boycott of the advertisers in the Commercial would be appropriate. "THINK EQUALITY."

Jack Foster

Pine Bluff