Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

As a Pine Bluff businessman for over 40 years I try hard to follow sound business guidelines before hiring someone. First, I ask for a resume to examine an individual’s past interests and efforts. Then I schedule an interview to examine the person’s attitude and desire to serve.

Our city faces an alderman election with the re-election of Second Ward Alderman Wayne Easterly. His resume is strong with over 13 years of experience serving our city as an alderman. His record is one of bringing businesses to our city, creating jobs and a larger tax base to pay for essential services.

His attitude remains strong. He attends all council and committee meetings as well as town hall meetings, as he is interested in feedback from our city’s citizens. His track record is one of honor and integrity with every effort focused on the benefit of all Pine Bluff citizens.

Please join me in voting for Wayne Easterly, Second Ward Alderman of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Bob Smithey

Pine Bluff