They’re back!

They’re back!

Dianna Williams, known as "Miss D," and the Dancing Dolls of Mississippi will face off with some of their fiercest rivals Saturday. Dance teams from Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi will take center stage at the Pine Bluff Convention Center to compete in the first annual Arkansas Extreme Showdown 2016.

"We’re filming our semi-finale show," said "Bring It" producer Tori Davis of the Dancing Dolls performance.

The last time Miss D and her troupe of dolls came to Pine Bluff, it was a sold-out show. The Dancing Dolls performed at Jack Robey Junior High School in summer 2015 in front of a crowd of about 2,500 while 2,000 people stood outside unable to get in, said Arkansas Extreme Showdown 2016 event coordinator Cary Clayton.

"This time around I made sure I got a venue to hold maximum capacity," Clayton said, adding that the convention center holds 7,900 people. "People form lines three and four hours ahead of the event, so the lines are crazy. Being at the Pine Bluff Convention Center will be better, because more people will be able to attend."

The Divas of Dance, Prancing Tigerettes, Xpolosive Dance Team, Divas of Macon County Georgia, Golden Prancerettes, Elite Starz and Infamous Dancerettes are set to perform. The Arkansas Extreme Showdown 2016 will consist of a solo competition and the popular stand-battle, where two teams go head-to-head in hip-hop majorette style of dancing. Although the dance teams competing are from out-of-state, the special guest performance will be Dancing Iconz, a local all-female dance group.

"We’ve sold tickets to people from Louisiana, Little Rock and other places," Clayton said. "You only get to see the Dancing Dolls so many times live, so it’s a huge event."

Clayton said the event gives residents something to look forward to and shines a positive light on the community of Pine Bluff.

"It gives the kids something to do," he said. "It also gives Pine Bluff a positive image. I’ll keep doing this event as long as I can."

Williams founded the Dancing Dolls in 2001 and Lifetime brought the world of hip-hop majorette competitive dance to homes worldwide in May 2014. The hit show "Bring It" premiered its third season Jan.1, bringing in 1.4 million viewers. According to Lifetime, not only is the competition tougher this season, but also the judges. Additionally, Miss D welcomes in new dolls who she has to whip into winning shape for a revamped Battle Royale that they lost last season to the Young Contemporary Dance Theatre (YCDT) Supastarz.

"That’s how (yo)U start the season," said Dianna Williams on her personal Twitter feed. "Thanks 2 all that watched! Much love!"

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